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Australia — by GTT Global

Australia is a hot destination and will continue to be for  quite some time. Many clients feel that getting there is cost prohibitive; not so with GTT Global and their consolidator fares. With landscape that varies from parched red desert to Mediterranean vistas, golden beaches to tropical green rainforests, snow capped mountains to untouched islands, Australia sometimes seems like a microcosm of the entire world.

The past and future come together in the great coastal cities, with a forward-looking attitude that embraces Australia’s Pacific Rim location. This gives a decided contrast to a country that is so rich with remnants of its past. Australia has a wealth of prehistoric Aboriginal art that paints telling pictures of a distant time gone by and the fabled ‘Dream time’. Colonists have added tales of early prison settlements which have been replaced by Victorian Architecture that adds a distinctly European feel to the cities.

Australiah2Australia’s beaches and surfing are legendary around the world and bordered by resorts and cosmopolitan cities. The country’s largest and best-known city, Sydney, is a more fashionable and cosmopolitan than many people think.  Melbourne, historically the great rival to Sydney, has a more European ambience of sidewalk cafés, parks, and a more temperate climate.

Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city is the capital of Queensland and sits upon the Gold Coast, a seemingly endless stretch of beautiful beaches. The other coastal cities of Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Cairns offer other experiences and individual character–each with much to see and do.

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But of course, in a country whose size rivals the eastern United States, the cities are only the tip of the iceberg. Once you leave the cities and head into the outback, Australia is open and almost empty. TAZ_3233.NEFThere is a great sense of openness that people may never have experienced even in the more remote part of ts of the U.S. It is entirely possible to not see a person as you travel from horizon to horizon. The centerpiece (figuratively and literally, if you will) of the country is the great monolith of Uluru (Ayers Rock) which rises some 1400 feet from the desert and has a circumference over 5 miles. The rock is considered sacred and spiritually significant to the Aboriginal people and when you see it, it is easy to understand why. The amazing red sandstone takes on various hues depending on the position of the sun.

But no guide book, narrative, or Internet photographs can do Australia the justice it deserves. For that, you will just have to visit yourself!

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