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Moving out, moving in, and moving up!

It has been a  couple of years since my wife and I went through the process of moving our home and office.  Making a move relates to growing your travel business.

Common sense tells us that there is preparation for the move.  Boxes to be bought, movers to be scheduled, phones to be installed and loads of other details that had to be planned.

Like always, you think you are prepared when it comes to moving but life continues to happen even when you block your calendar for the big move.  Business meetings, client calls, unexpected expenses, expected deadlines, etc.

Moving your business forward is similar in many ways.  The more you have prepared in advance, the easier the move is when the big day arrives.  For your business, the big day may be the day the cruise group finally books–or departs.  It may be the day that you talk to one of your best clients who just returned from the “best trip of their life” and they thank you for all your hard work.

Personal or business, these are important tips for a move;

  • Toss out the old, broken or not being used.  In your business, it may be time to review what works and what does not.  Maybe some old habits need to be replaced.  What process is too time consuming that can be automated?  What activities or distractions need to be tossed out of your day?
  • Keep what is working well.  Review your business methods and practices and polish the best of your business routines.
  • Upgrade.  Purchase new items, upgrade your skills, and enhance your work environment.

When my wife and I moved into this house we had to take a step back to move forward.  Looking at the empty rooms, we had to plan where the furniture functioned best.  This took time and even having lived here for a few years, we still change things. What worked then may not work now.

As you move your business to the next level you will have to plan, envision, set your goals and put them into action.  Adjust along the way.  Nothing is set in stone.

In spite of the news broadcasters’ reports and the economic situation, we always need to be sharpening our “blade” of knowledge so that we can cut through the negativity and enhance our own business with fresh ideas and opportunities.

Now, reflecting on the move and seeing that it has given me a sense of a fresh start to the next chapter of my personal/business life, I can see that there are still things to be sorted, eliminated and enhanced.

Don’t let your business stagnate.  In order to move up, it may be time to move some of the old out and move new ideas in.

As I sit at my desk and reflect on how I have settled in, I am reminded that I need to continue to look for ways to maintain a fresh perspective.  I am happiest when I have tossed out the old and invested time and money in the new.  Change is not an option, it is inevitable.

How is your business evolving… it just might be time for you to call the moving truck too!

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