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2-Step Lead Generation

The sales strategy I discuss today may be as old as the hills themselves. But like the hills, they are always there and you can always count on them being there.

The Two-Step may be seasoned, but it will still work and makes complete sense. Here is how it works:

It is easier to answer the phone, answer the door or answer a question than it is being the caller, ringer, or the one asking the questions. Why? Because once you mange to get people to “come to you” you can make them glad that they took the time to do so.

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If I ask who is interested in Bermuda, and five out of ten people raise their hand, I then know who I can comfortably share a discussion on Bermuda. The same holds true if I ask who wants to learn more about making back porch swings. Those who raise their hand are clearly indicating an interest in the subject. Chances are pretty good that once they raise their hand, they will follow up by reading or listening to what comes next.

Are you seeing where I am coming from?

Step One consists of the question: Who is interested in xyz?

Step Two follows up with additional information pertaining to the subject in focus.

This strategy can be seen on the advertising pages of every magazine, newspaper or heard in many radio commercials.

The more attractive carrot you dangle, the more interest you will receive, so be careful. What you don’t want is to attract 10,000 tire kickers. What you do want to attract is a handful of interested prospects who are not fearful of establishing a relationship with someone who knows about the subject that interests them.

It is called The Marketing Two-Step and it may be the only marketing strategy you will ever need.

When I entered the travel industry back in 1984, it was the first thing I did to position myself as the guy in the know. My information piece was titled “How To Select The Best Travel Agent For Your Company” and I offered it to every company within 20 miles of my agency. Out of 300 letters, I received 45 response postcards asking to read my booklet. Out of those 45, I immediately signed 4 companies and within the next nine months, I signed 12 more from the original 45 . That’s how it works.

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