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A belated Thanskgiving

No doubt we have been inundated with hundreds of Thanksgiving messages this week. Some were cheesy, some were heartfelt and others literally brought a tear to the eye. But here we are on Saturday and I wonder how many of those messages have been forgotten now that the turkey induced slumber combined with the frantic shopping has worn off?

The New Year is typically the time when we make all of the resolutions to better ourselves—both personally and professionally. The successful resolutions typically make it to Super Bowl Sunday. The other ones might make it to January 10th.

In the travel industry, September and October tend to be the times when we delve into marketing and business plans for the following year. Some of them actually are in writing. Others (most?) remain a thought. But like Thanksgiving thanks and New Year’s resolutions, these also tend to fall by the wayside in short order.

Why is that? Quite honestly, it is easier to make plans than it is to keep them.  It is not that keeping plans is all that difficult. Sure it takes some work and effort, but obviously you feel it is worth it—or you would not have made the plans to begin with.

Today, is my New Years Day! Like everyone, I have dropped the ball at some point. I may have justified it to make me feel better, but no more! I will resolve to not take on more than I can handle. I will resolve to make reasonable resolutions that can (and will) be followed every day.

As with Thanksgiving, I will remember to give my thanks throughout the year. As with New Years, I will remember to keep my resolution in the front of my train of thought. And for my travel business, I will remember to keep my written goals in mind not only when they are written down, but each day throughout the year; for without a roadmap (or GPS in this century) you are quite literally lost.

And in case you wanted to add another cheesy Thanksgiving message to your files, I offer the following—a day late:

In a nutshell, I am thankful for being. And I am thankful for everyone that has contributed to my being–my mom and dad, the veterans and soldiers who have fought and are fighting for our freedoms, my children, my clients, my prospects, and you. The travel professionals I work with daily are so truly inspiring. You make me think, you amaze me with the knowledge and wisdom that you are so willing to freely share, and you make me laugh. And most importantly, you make me thankful that 14 years ago, when everyone was trying to talk me out of going into the travel business, I didn’t listen!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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