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Incoming Success Strategy

Here is a strategy that is designed to take much, if not all, of your stress out of your sales responsibilities.

I hope you can follow my logic.

I will use two examples to drive my point home. The first involves a house visit while the second involves a telephone.

If you invited me to your home, I would enter looking for directional cues coming from you. You would tell me when it is time to sit and where to sit. You would tell me when it is time for a drink and when we will be eating. You would be in control. I would be on my best behavior and wait to be told what to do.

If I was invited to your home and began acting like I owned the place, you would think less of me. Quite the contrary. I would be on my best behavior playing by your rules.

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But, if you were to come to my house, I could be totally at ease and make an effort (and succeed) in putting you at ease. I would be in total control and I would be feeling comfortable and confident in my house … my environment … my stage … my game.

Let’s turn to the telephone.

If you called me, I could make you feel welcome by the simple tone of my receiving voice. I could also put a lump in your throat by hanging up on you or making you feel extremely uncomfortable without much effort.

The reverse is true if I was the one initiating the phone call. You would be in the driver’s seat.

These two examples work nicely in underscoring a very important sales message. You want to put yourself in a position of control so that you can make the communication process work by making everyone feel comfortable.

It is in your best interest to have people come to you … to your house … to your office … to your choice of restaurant. You also want people to call you. Always.

The easiest and fastest way to have people call you is to ask them to call you.

Example: “The next time you find yourself thinking about a unique vacation destination, give me a call. I may be in position to help you. At the very least I can help point you in the right direction. My number is 555.555.5555. Give me a call.”

It is not bad to try to control the selling situation. Invite people to come to you, and to call you. 

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