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Just the FAQs with ShoreTrips

Everyone likes FAQs. Even Jack Webb likes them. They are clear, succinct, and easy to reference. You probably have one on your website. You might even have a FAQ or two from a supplier. And, if you ever wondered about ShoreTrips and never took the time to look into them—“shame on you!” But let TRO take some of the work off of your plate. Take a few moments to read these FAQs on ShoreTrips–we’re taking some of the work off your shoulders so give it five minutes, print it out and get on your way to a healthier bottom line!

Where are they –

On Location in 200 ports – Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, New England, South America, Bermuda, the Mexican Pacific Coastline, the Baltic, the Atlantic European Coast, the Mediterranean, the Middle East.

Who likes them –

In his latest book, Arthur Frommer writes that ShoreTrips is the ONLY shore excursion provider that he recommends because we do it better than the cruise lines – smaller, more creative and better priced sightseeing and day activities.  Your clients will thank you when they return – they’ll be happy that the money they spent on ShoreTrips was money well spent.  They’ll come home ready to book another vacation because of the rich experiences they had on their excursions.

Who are their vendors –

We use multiple vendors in each port because some vendors are good at sightseeing; some are good at providing shopping and culinary tours; some are good at providing more active trips.  We seldom use DMC’s – instead we go directly to the sources to find the best guides, best divers, bikers, hikers and flightseeing services.  In any one port we may use 20 or more operators – each an expert in their field  and each passionate about providing the very best experience to your customer.

Why they are the best –

We moved more than 200,000 people in 2009 – but only a few at a time. Most of our tours have no minimums which makes us perfect for your FIT’s.

Why they are so easy to work with –

Our fully automated website is loaded with description, details and pictures. Prices are clear. It’s so well organized that you’ll get in and out in a flash. Confirmations are fast too so you‘ll never have to wait for an answer. ShoreTrips is the only shore excursion provider that guarantees your commission even when your customer books directly with us.  Ask us about our Referral System.

Do they pay commissions? Unbelievable! –

Unlike the cruise ships, you’ll make a commission on every ShoreTrips you book.  Our commission is 10%.

Do they handle groups? –

Do you have a group?  Half of our business is groups – incentive groups, church groups, multi-generational family groups.  Call the ShoreTrips Group Desk to see how easy it is to set one up…and how easy it is to sell a shore excursion in every port.

How do I get started? –

Contact ShoreTrips to set up an account; to ask questions about a destination; or for help with an FIT or group. They’re ready to help you turn your client’s cruise into a great vacation.

So how do I do that? –

5205 N. Ironwood Rd
Milwaukee, WI  53217

And there you have it. The down and dirty details of one of the largest boosts to your cruise and resort bottom line!

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  1. Shore Trips is fantastic. I use them for my clients’, as well as my own excursions. They go the extra mile on details. I highly recommend them!!!

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