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Nassau–by the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

The Bahamas are among some of the most beautiful islands on earth. The water ranges from pale aqua green to deep sapphire blue—all influenced by the bright sun that shines almost 365 days a year. Nassau, the country’s capital, is a bustling town on New Providence Island with shops, nightclubs, ritzy casinos, and a wealth of hotels and resorts. Even amidst the bustle, there are quiet byways and shady lanes where you can step away from civilization and the hustle and bustle of this tourist mecca. Activities for visitors are numerous. Chief among them is shopping. And if they can break away from the bargains, they are free to wander colonial streets lined with colonial buildings replete with a rich history. Nights can be as frenetic or laid back as needed. Simply watch a beautiful sun set over the cean, dine in a casual or fancy) restaurant. Aside from the local cuisine, the French food is sublime. After dinner, take in a show, go dancing, or take a chance with a games of chance is one of the casinos.

Nassau’s sheltered harbor bustles with cruise ship passengers disembarking and embarking. The harbor is also a focal point for the myriad of fishing excursions. A block away, broad, palm lined Bay Bahamas JWFStreet is alive with shopping. The shopping in Nassau is top notch. Fine imported goods and local crafts compete for attention right next to each other. The historical sites are also centered around the downtown area. This area has been renovated and rejuvenated in recent years, adding to its beauty and attractiveness. Throughout this historic city, you will find, chic cigar bars, fancy restaurants, art galleries, hot night clubs, and trendy coffeehouses. Nassau is a very cosmopolitan city in the Caribbean.

No visit to Nassau would be complete without a trip to nearby Paradise Island. This strip of land off Nassau’s northern coast is truly a world class playground. Since its casinos and beaches are the target of most cruise ship passengers, it is best to try and avoid a busy port day. The Atlantis casino and mega-resort attracts thousands of visitors daily and is really a sight to behold. The water is a clear blue, and the sand on the beaches is brilliant white on Paradise Island and is a great place to flop down on a chaise lounge for a day in the sun.

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Bahamas istockThe Islands of the Bahamas, with exquisite golden and pink sunsets, pristine beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and year round sunshine, couldn’t be a more perfect destination for those seeking sunshine, sand and the sea. Nassau is the crown jewel of the Bahamas.

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