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Roatan with ShoreTrips

Situated off the coast of Honduras, Roatan is one of the three Bay Islands, and is a relatively undiscovered secret for most tourists. However, it has been known as a Mecca for divers for many years. However, vacationers from the colder North and South American locales area catching on to this tropical vacation destination with a variety of water activities, un-crowded white, soft powdered beaches, and inexpensive hotels and restaurants. Roatan is a long narrow island of almost 40 miles in length. It is a beautiful island with mountains and lush green tropical foliage.

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Roatan’s weather is ideal and rarely affects having a good time. It has a short and mild rainy season that occurs from November to the end of January. The northwest side of the island is protected most of the year from the southeast Even then; the West End and northern side may be calm and enjoy excellent diving and beach activities. If wind conditions or weather becomes an issue, the dive operators and resorts will simply move their boats to the leeward side of the island and calmer waters.
  • Shipwrecks at Dixon Cole. The East End showcases two shipwrecks close to the shore at Dixon Cole. You can also play with the iguanas at the Archs Iguana Farm, just a short drive from the French Harbor.
  • The Rain Forest. Get close to nature by choosing a canopy tour in the lush tropical rain forest of Roatan. The forest is replete with wild parrots and monkeys. Gliding on zip lines is a great thrilling way to ride through the forest amongst the trees.
  • The West End. This area houses the luxury residential community of Lawson Rock and the beachfront town of West End- ideal for shopping and swimming. One of the top attractions is the Coral Reef Explorer which will allow you to get a glimpse of the pristine beauty of barrier reef formations.
  • Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. This place is a must-visit as you get the opportunity to play with dolphins  in a program endorsed by the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. The white-sand island of Bailey Key has been called the ‘school of dolphins’.
  • The Half Moon Bay Beach. This beautiful beach provides excellent facilities for swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling, and tasting the delightful cuisine of the Caribbean.
  • Garden Tour. The hike to the top of the Gumbalimba Park for a fantastic view in the Carambola Gardens. The flora and fauna in the Gumbalimba Park is exquisite.

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