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Senegal-Dakar by Variety Cruises

Senegal is emerging onto the world stage in a big way, swiftly growing as a must see destination. Its modern and vivacious capital city, Dakar, is well known for its lively nightlife, while the coastal region of the Petite Cote offers up a relaxing seaside retreat. Senegal is a goldmine of discoveries waiting to be uncovered.

Located along the Cap Vert Peninsula, the far west side of the African Continent will discover the exciting city of Dakar, a cosmopolitan African city with a hint of French Flair reminiscent of its French heritage. Dakar is at the center of the country’s cultural, business and political life and the perfect starting point to any Senegalese holiday. Dakar is a great central point to explore the city, the surrounding areas, or to embark on a unique river cruise along one of Senagal’s rivers.


60-Second Geography


Senegal is situated on the western bulge of Africa and borders Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea Bissau and it surrounds Gambia on three sides.  Topographically speaking, the northern part of the Senegal coast is made up of dunes and to the south are muddy estuaries of their rivers. Just inland from the coast is a sandy plain, which extends north to the floodplain of the Senegal River. The Casamance Region in the south is low but does exhibit some altitude. To the southeast are the Futa Jallon foothills, which rise to a maximum altitude of 1,600 feet. Much of the northwest of Senegal is semi-desert, but the center and most of the south, except for the forest of Casamance, are open savannah country. The major rivers – the Senegal, Saloum, Gambia and Casamance – flow from east to west into the Atlantic Ocean.
    While Senegal is an emerging destination, there certainly are a few must-see attractions.
  • Ile de Gorée. This small island is less than 6 acres large, but the insight into its slave trading history makes it a must-see for visitors.
  • The Pink Lake. Le Lac Rose is really worth a visit. The lake is named for the algae blooms which are not always present. You have to be lucky to see the lake in pink as it depends on the weather and the algae growth, but it is an amazing site to behold.
  • Maison des Esclaves. For people interested in history and in knowing about the atrocities that the colonial powers, arabic tradesmen and greedy African chiefs exposed the African people to, this museum is one to see.
  • Grand Mosque. The Grand Mosque in Touba is the center of the Mouridism in Senegal, founded by Cheikh Amadou Bamba. Architecturally it is a masterpiece. However, women need to be sure to cover their heads within the city. Also, no drinking or smoking is allowed by anyone.
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