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Sunny Land Tours

There is something to be said for staying power and very few suppliers can boast that they have been around for nearly 50 years. Sunny Land Tours can certainly claim that success and it is a result of paying close attention to the business of your business, not straying too far from your core competencies, and respecting and rewarding your partners who help you to succeed.

Sunny Land Tours was established in 1964 by Elie Sidawi. Elie grew up in Lebanon, and as a young man he worked for one of the largest tour operators in the world and started Sunny Land Tours immediately after coming to the United States. In short time,  Sunny Land was known as the largest specialist to Egypt and the Middle East.  The mid 80s the company expanded to Central and South America. As a result of focusing on the non mass market destinations, Sunny Land has continued to reap the rewards of success. Today, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and Galapagos have become some of Sunny Land’s most popular destinations.

Like the company itself, Sunny Land’s employees have been around a long time. The average tenure is over 10 years. This tenure translates into personal knowledge and expertise for agents to tap on behalf of their clients. The company takes pride in the training provided to its employees. All sales agents have visited most of the key destinations offered. With so few suppliers having such a vested interest in the destinations, this attention to detail, as well as their competitive pricing, are true selling points for their retail travel agent partners.

For example:

10- Days in Egypt with air, including a 7 night Nile cruise, tour of Cairo, and visits to Ancient Pharaonic Temples in Luxor;Edfu;Kom-Ombo and Aswan. All for $1299 per person with most meals included.

Sunny Land even got the attention of Arthur Frommer recently when the noted author and world traveler said:

I’ve been impressed by the recent pricing initiatives of Sunny Land Tours, which offers the surprising inclusion of round-trip airfare to Costa Rica from either New York or Orlando, as part of a $699 package. Here’s an undoubted bargain, and the availability of daily departures means that it should be available for booking for quite some time. I’d call fast.

–Arthur Frommer

For agents, Sunny Land’s commissions begin at a standard 10% and increase based on individual productivity; but, unlike cruises and most tour operators, Sunny Land will pay commission on excursions, activities and sightseeing as long as they are booked in advance. Groups and FITs are not a problem. Groups can be priced at NET so agents can bring their own value to the transaction. With the level of training provided to their staff, Sunny Land is the true expert on the destinations they serve—perfect for the client who is looking to travel to an unfamiliar (to the agent) destination. Let Sunny Land be your expert!

Sunny Land Tours specializes in distinct niche tours, to Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Belize, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay as well as East and South Africa. Call Sunny Land to get free display brochures, or go to for details. For reservations call 1800-783-7839. On all destinations offered, Sunny Land provides substantial discounts to Travel Agents and Companions– visit

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