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Thrillseekers Travel Club–Giving thanks

Heading into the holiday season I am reminded to take stock of all the reasons we have to be grateful or to show gratitude. And looking back over the past year I am also reminded that even in the midst of a nationwide economic crisis, good things can still be found.

Some things are tangible such as meeting a quota or personal financial goal, taking a long awaited trip to someplace that you always wanted to go, or even making a luxury purchase that you previously thought was out of reach. While all of these things are wonderful and do hold value, there is also intrinsic value in those things that seem to be intangible, such as lessons learned.

So in the spirit of the season and in an effort to acknowledge those intangible items, here is a list of the lessons I am grateful for having learned this year. Some of these lessons learned have saved me time and some have saved me money, and really, when you think of it, time is money! So here is my short list:

  • Learning not only to ask what my clients travel dates are but to also ask them when they will be ready to pay for their travel and actually book their trip. This one lesson has saved me a tremendous amount of time, anxiety and headaches in having to do multiple searches and multiple quotes because my clients are not ready to book.
  • Learning how to insist that my clients be price specific and not settling for an answer to my questions about my clients’ budgetary allowances like “cheap”. Knowing and having a definitive price range to work with makes my job so much easier and also reduces any chances for there to be confusion about cost.
  • Learning about International money transfer fees and Pay Pal costs involved when making payment for all International tours and trips. This one cost me dearly, in monetary terms, but it is a lesson I will remember.
  • And lastly, I learned to take better care of myself because I was burning the candle at both ends in trying to build this business and my health was suffering for it. I am now back on track and making sure that I am eating better, taking time for myself to exercise and making an effort to try to get enough sleep. All of these are so very important, and yet these are the things we routinely tend to take for granted and to ignore.

For all these things I am grateful and give my thanks. Have you thought about all you have to be grateful for? If you need help in getting into the holiday spirit, making your list of things to give thanks for today could be “just the ticket”.

Happy Thanksgiving To All From Thrillseekers Travel Club!

April Scarlott is a lifetime Houston Bay Area resident, travel and adventure junkie, and member of the International Travel Writers and Photography Alliance. She attended college at the University of St. Thomas and currently holds multiple licenses in real estate and is a member of OSSN. She is full partner for Thrillseekers Travel Club which arranges group tours for other travel and adventure enthusiasts. She has combined her passion for writing and adventure travel into a full time dream career. Contact her at or toll free at 1-888-970-8747 or visit at the website at

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