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Thrillseekers Travel Club — A year in review

What an honor it has been to serve as one of the contributing writers for the Travel Agent Diaries this past year. It is with a bit of sadness that I write this last article, and make way for the class of 2011.

Looking back over the past year, many things come to mind regarding our start-up venture, Thrillseekers Travel Club, and all that we learned in the process of building it. One of the smartest things we ever did was partner (in effect) with TRO and utilize the tools they provide to, not only us, but all travel agents for FREE.

From the massive databases that provide tons of current and up to date travel information to free marketing tools, such as the e-cards and destination and activity guides for your clients (that you can personalize with your company’s own logo), to the destination videos that can help you build excitement and enthusiasm for your upcoming group trips. In fact, they offer so many free resources; even we have not utilized all of them yet.

While all these services are free to members of TRO, what we found is that the benefits of those services were priceless in helping us build and retain our client base.

For all that this experience with Travel Research Online has afforded us as a company and for myself as a contributing writer, I will remain eternally grateful. And although my contributions to the Travel Agent Diaries will come to an end, my support of TRO and their constant wealth of resources will not.

So to all the editors, staff and fellow writers, I offer my most sincere gratitude to you all. Here’s wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a most prosperous and Happy New Year! I look forward to all that 2011 will bring!

April Scarlott is a lifetime Houston Bay Area resident, travel and adventure junkie, and member of the International Travel Writers and Photography Alliance. She attended college at the University of St. Thomas and currently holds multiple licenses in real estate and is a member of OSSN. She is full partner for Thrillseekers Travel Club which arranges group tours for other travel and adventure enthusiasts. She has combined her passion for writing and adventure travel into a full time dream career. Contact her at or toll free at 1-888-970-8747 or visit at the website at

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