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The Association for Promotion of Tourism to Africa

Africa is a vast continent and for travel agents who find it overwhelming, who want to learn more about selling it, or to stay in touch and in the know, there is APTA-the Association for Promotion of Tourism to Africa.  APTA promotes tourism to Africa and her islands through the education of its members.

APTA is powered by a passionate group of travel professionals bringing together African tourist boards, airlines, operators, hotels, camps, lodges, retail travel agents and Africa specialists in America.  A volunteer, nonprofit organization, APTA creates a platform for buyers and sellers to connect, contribute, and conduct business. In cities throughout the country local chapters host meetings, social events and mini trade shows and create networking opportunities where experienced Africa specialists share their expertise, ideas, and information with retail agents looking to sell what may initially seem to be the most daunting destinations. Through dinner meetings, trade events, and the newsletter and website, APTA provides retail travel agents with the tools, contacts and confidence to sell Africa and her islands.

  • The Discover Africa Road Show is an annual circuit of mini trade events hosted by local APTA chapters in at least 4 different cities across the country.
  • APTA hosts the annual Focus on Africa workshop in conjunction with the New York Times Travel Show, the only all-Africa, all-trade event of its kind in North America. As in the past, this event will be held at the Jacob Javits Centre on February 25, and attendees will have the chance to win two round-trip tickets to South Africa generously sponsored by South African Airways.

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  • APTA’s quarterly magazine contains a wealth of current information and updates from members and member countries.
  • The member directory on is an invaluable resource and a comprehensive, searchable database of key representatives and contacts in the African travel industry

To become a member, visit or contact Cheryle Schumacher Velsor at

This month, APTA is proud to present John Kasaona, leader in the drive to reinvent conservation in Namibia. Meet and mingle with your colleagues in the African travel industry and hear John speak during the Focus on Africa workshop at the New York Times Travel Show. As featured in the documentary “Milking the Rhino”, John shares the ways in which he works to improve the lives of rural communities by involving them in the management of their environment and the wildlife that share their land.


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