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Yeck’s Cruise & Travel – What brings me here

While chatting with my 14 year old son on the way home from football practice recently, we were discussing how he has lived his entire life in one bedroom and one house; and I mentioned that I could not relate to his comments about how small his room had become as he has grown older.  I explained to him that I had come from a completely different experience during my youth that included shared bedrooms in mobile homes, housing on military bases, from temporary apartments, to condo living in foreign countries. 

One example in particular was in 1972, as the year was ending in Ft. Rucker, Alabama; we found our family in a large station wagon driving during the Christmas holidays to take up temporary residency in Los Angeles for 3 months.  My dad was an Army pilot that had flown in Vietnam and was given orders for us to relocate overseas, and moving to LA was part of the assignment. That was it; from there we all piled into the old reliable Chevy Kingswood Estate behemoth and headed cross country to New York City to catch a plane to Izmir, Turkey where we eventually lived for over three years.  My point was that during that time, I attended 3 different schools in 3 different parts of the world, all within the 3rd grade; oh and by the way that included three different bedrooms as well.

While we were in Turkey, I was fortunate enough to travel the entire country, as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Greece.  Growing up in a foreign nation opened me up to an enthusiasm for travel. Although there were times I was not completely happy leaving my friends, the excitement of new destinations always kept it interesting.  Even when we lived in the States, moving was frequent and included other military towns such as Ft. Monroe, Virginia, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico and ultimately to  the civilian life that I currently lead down here in West Palm Beach.  Constant travel was how I grew up; settling in, getting used to a place and then “bam”, time to pick up and start all over again!

So that brings me to where I am and why I am in this somewhat crazy business of travel.  It was instilled into me at an early age how important travel is; and with that in mind,  I now try to earn a living by using my experiences to better assist my clients in their travel needs.  It has been six years since I started Yeck’s Cruise & Travel and I believe that what I have learned in that time, combined with what I cultured growing up traveling with my folks, ensures me a greater chance at long term success for my business.  As the year unfolds, I plan to divulge the ups and downs of my business as well as my experiences with vendors, training and travel opportunities. I plan to convey the mistakes that I have made and where I might have grown along the way.  In essence it should be quite a ride!

…as for my son; who has been on several cruises with our family and has experienced most of the Florida destinations, I reminded him that although he has had only one bedroom his entire life; that there are countless other bedrooms out there in the world for him to experience; on cruise ships, in hotels, his college dorm or his first apartment; yet none of them will offer him the amazing service, safety and amenities like the one he currently has called home!

Vincent Yeck, CTA, DS is the owner and agent of Yeck’s Cruise & Travel in Lake Worth, Florida.  He is a “Destination Specialist” for the Caribbean and specializes in cruises, family travel and groups; including youth sports fundraising.  He also is the OSSN Chapter Director for Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, a travel industry trade association representing and supporting the Independent Travel Agent, Home Based Travel Agency, and the Outside Sales Travel Agent.  He can be reached via email at or his website at

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