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Galavant Travel – Getting social

Over the past month I’ve been very busy building my social media presence. I love anything that has to do with web pages, facebook, twitter, blogging and newsletters–I am a techno-geek at heart.  I recently participated in a 3-month course called Geek School, with Chelle Yarbrough, and loved every minute of it.  I then joined The Travel Blog Project. I’m also enjoying that, but it’s more nuts and bolts than I expected, and my head swims with information overload.

During wave season, most days I find it very difficult to keep up with everything, but I do the best I can.  When I’m able to steal a few moments, I’m writing cruise reviews, travel articles, posting to twitter 2-3 times a day, updating my facebook fan page and working on my monthly newsletter. I also built a new website and launched it this month, with all original content.  I’ve found that I do get more people following me the more regularly I post.

I’ve also attended a few local networking groups, but the weather here in New Hampshire, this winter, has put a damper on getting around anywhere—spring is here, or so they tell me. One of the networking groups encourages one-on-one meetings, which has been wonderful!  I get to know other local business owners on a  personal level. I enjoy learning about their business, and then talking about mine. One owner did say my love for travel shines through loud and clear.  What a great compliment!  I hope to always have that enthusiasm and passion—and I hope it shows through to my clients as well..

It has been a year since I took the plunge into being a full-time travel consultant. It has been fantastic, frustrating, and everything in between, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Patti Maxwell is the Owner of Galavant Travel in Deerfield New Hampshire. After a 28 year long career as a medical transcriptionist, Maxwell received her Travel & Tourism Certificate from a local Community College,  and started Galavant Travel in 2007. Galavant is a home based agency affiliated with Avoya Travel. You can contact Patti by email, on her website, on twitter, facebook, or her blog.

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