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The Greek Islands by Variety Cruises

Dating as far back as the mythological days of Homer and The Odyssey, the beautiful European nation of Greece is a captivating place for people, both real and imagined.  Featured time and time again in movies, novels and epic poems, the country thrives every day of the year, pleasing its visitors with ample activities, sights, dining, history, crystal clear seas and phenomenal architecture.

A country that revolves around water, Greece sets the bar for every other destination.  Between the volcanoes spotting the horizon, the easily recognizable white and blue-tiled homes, churches decorating the coastlines and the history that dates back thousands of years, you’ll want to return here as soon as possible.

History and Sightseeing

If you remember anything at all from history class, the history of Ancient Greece is familiar.  This country is serious about maintaining historical integrity, so events from thousands of years ago are at visitors’ fingertips.  Such architectural gems as the Parthenon in Athens welcome guests year round, its towering pillars and remarkable design still holding strong to this day.  Museums and monuments also span across the entirety of greece3Greece, tracing back over 6,000 years and featuring different exhibits from every distinct time period. 


Picture yourself, if you will, surrounded by close friends and strangers alike, basking in both sun and shade in an open air restaurant, sharing food and conversation as the day or night continues on around you.  This is commonplace in Greece, where informal restaurants are better known as tavernas.  Meals are a sharing time in Greek life and if olive oil, cheese, seafood and meat are your favorites, then you’re in luck. 

Each region has very distinct dishes, which can vary depending on the season and geography of the land. For example, appetizers traditionally include a Greek salad or tzatziki (a yoghurt and cucumber dip), the main course might include a gyro, and one can finish off with baklava for desert, which is filo dough layers filled with nuts and soaked in syrup or honey.

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After dark

If New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, Greece should be known as the country that never sleeps.  For a society that is so low-key during the day, Greek people appear to be nocturnal – completely coming alive the moment the sun touches down below the Ionian Sea horizon.  Typically starting around midnight and partying until the sun comes up, every night of the week is considered fair game for the residents of Greece.

Greece is home to some of the most dazzling and luxurious beaches in all of Europe, if not the entire world.  Waters in every shade of blue can be seen stretching out in every direction for miles, volcanoes staring back at you, watching over the magnificent scenery in a dormant state.  

Once you are able to get over the more than 8,000 mile coastline waiting at your feet, a haven for sea sport lovers can be found – sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing and wakeboarding.

Shopping and Transportation

Fear not about getting around.  Just because the nation has over 1,400 islands doesn’t mean traveling is difficult.  In fact, it has vastly improved over the past several decades.  Trains, buses, planes, ships, bicycles, and motorcycles – you name it: Greece has it.  Many of the buses run around the clock, so if you have the sudden urge to head across the country at any hour, it is rarely problematic.

Shopping in Greece is also a very pleasant experience, as there is something to satisfy everyone’s desire.  From brand name clothing to local artisan crafts and masterpieces, just about everything can be found.

The nation of Greece is a magical place, a place that not only holds a vast amount of history within its borders, but also natural beauty that has long been written about.  From unique and delicious foods to parties that last all night long, it is a destination that ranks high among many travelers’ lists. 

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