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Costa Rica by Solar Tours

A 3-hour plane ride from Miami will place you within one of the most beautiful countries in all of Central America.  Costa Rica offers attractions for all ages; nature in its prime can be reveled in thanks to the government’s strong efforts to preserve eco-tourism.  The rainforests that populate this gem are some of the most unique in the world, and in combination with the perfect year-round climate and atmosphere, not to mention the extremely friendly locals, you are sure to desire a visit over and over again.

History and Sightseeing

Since its disbanding of the national army in 1948, Costa Rica is known as one of the most peaceful and democratic countries in the world.  The extra money saved from not having an army has allowed them to drastically ramp up their standard of living, so nearly everywhere you look, you will be greeted by happy people and wondrous sites.  The locals are commonly known as Ticos, and are notorious for their caring and costarica2hospitable ways.

Over a quarter of the country is declared protected territory, so getting your nature fix will not be a problem.  Surrounded by such magnificent creatures as sloths, monkeys and wildcats, feeling like you are a part of the local ecology will have a completely new meaning.  Furthermore, participating in a guided tour will only improve your experience in such a diverse country, allowing you to maximize your trip and appreciate the culture and everything it has to offer.


Don’t let the location of Costa Rica fool you – its influence in food is as diverse as the wildlife that inhabits it.  Beachfront restaurants along the coast are the place to eat, with fusion meals coming together with gorgeous views and curious animals who sometimes can’t resist exploring what you happen to be feasting on.

Central American and Spanish influence can be felt heavily in the dining, taking in local influences and blending them in a unique fashion.  Chicken, rice, beans and seafood are common, including some of the best steak in the continent.

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After dark

As expected with any Hispanic country, Costa Rica comes alive the moment the sun sets on the Pacific coast.  An abundance of bars and restaurants open their doors pour drinks to entertain locals and visitors alike, from the capital of San Jose to the Atlantic and Pacific coastal cities.  The one place that shouldn’t be missed is San Jose’s El Pueblo, which is a mix of over 100 bars, clubs, restaurants, art galleries and shops – the perfect location for the always popular bar hopping.  And for those who love living in the past, disco is still a very happening scene, starting shortly after the sun sets but continuing well into the morning hours.


For a country that borders both the Pacific and the Atlantic, it is expected that Costa Rica’s water offerings are spectacular.  With over 700 miles of coastline at your feet, you can easily enjoy not only the sun and surf but also the ecosystems that are highly valued and protected by the country’s government.  Mangrove hikes, diving, surfing, sport fishing, hiking and horseback riding on not only the beaches but also in the forests offer a one-of-a-kind experience, and thanks to the warmer climates, swimming almost year round is a great way to enjoy the refreshing waters.  Reefs lie just below the surface, providing for a battleground between them and the waves that leave onlookers in awe.

Shopping and Getting Around

Shopping in Costa Rica has been said to have drastically improved in the past decade or so, and the addition of many malls, boutiques and specialty shops are a sign of just that – offering name brand and handmade, culturally influenced goods.  Visit the very same El Pueblo that was mentioned earlier for the nightlife scene in San Jose for all your shopping needs, as it is home to a great deal of shops and art galleries.

Getting around in Costa Rica is a breeze, offering every form of transportation that can be found in any developed country – buses, shuttles, taxis, boats and so on.  The main airport, the Juan Santamaría International Airport lies just outside the capital, and one of the most wild experiences is the van ride from the capital to either coast, with the driver darting through narrow pcostarica1assages and hugging the mountains with nothing but rainforest and ocean below you.  Every turn brings thrill and adventure into your trip, even if it is only moments after landing.

Costa Rica is a country that offers something for everyone and is, without a doubt, an experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.  The pride and protection that the government exhibits for its ecosystems creates a rewarding experience that should not be missed.

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