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Ears of Experience — Rewarding those who reward you

As I move into the second quarter of the year after a record breaking first quarter, I have determined that this quarter, I want to focus on my “cheerleaders”—the clients who referred business to us. We have come up with a drip campaign and will be sending a small gift to these clients monthly for a few months. One month may be for the parents; and something special for the kids the next month. While we always thank our clients, we are now taking it to another level. These are our best customers and are referring their friends to us for no other reason than they felt we did a great job. We are big believers in not marketing unless we can tell our story. Well in essence, our clients are telling our story for us—so what a great place to put my marketing money. The first gift will be a small box of fine local chocolates with our logo on the top, and the next will be a Disney-esque gift for the kids.

We have also asked our clients to share our e-zine which now goes out twice a month, on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. Just this simple request is generating results and interest. We can tell it is working due to the increase in calls and requests and asking the new prospects where they heard about us! At first I was amazed that our clients would forward the e-zine. I actually felt uncomfortable asking them to do it. But what I learned was that people genuinely want to spread the word and see us grow;  and they are willing to do their part to help us out.

I am really excited and can’t wait to surprise them with our gifts. I am pretty sure that this program will continue and become an ongoing part of our marketing strategies. After all, thanking those who help you is only natural. And I suspect that as our clients tell others about how we help people create magical experiences, Ears will continue to grow!

What do you do to thank your clients? I would love to hear your ideas as well! Please leave a comment.

Amy Sinclair is the owner of a fee-free Disney-only agency called Ears of Experience. Ears of Experience builds custom Disney experiences for their clients with an emphasis on personalization. The agency even has Disney kid experts “on staff” to work with the children of clients. To contact Amy by email — amy@themouseexperts.com or visit her site at www.themouseexperts.com.

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