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We always hear talk about consolidators and how they have great fares for agents to pass along to their clients. Consolidators are a good way to improve your bottom line and to increase the value you provide to your client. But many travel professionals just don’t know where to start. The first step is to select a consolidator with a good reputation. The second step is to make sure that particular consolidator serves the markets you sell. And the third step is to establish a relationship with the consolidator and learn how easy it is to add this valuable asset to your business. This week, we will look at GTT Global.

In business since 1984, GTT is now recognized as the highest producing air consolidator in the U.S. with 40 offices nationwide and sales in excess of $500 million annually. GTT provides travel agents with the largest selection of air carrier contracts which provide competitive net fares that you can mark up or generous commissions for published international airfares in First, Business and Economy Classes. GTT has international air consolidator contracts in the industry including all U.S. carriers and 52 of the major foreign flag carriers

Agents are encouraged to get a login to GTT’s website, where agents can book online or use the site as a reference for making your own bookings in Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre & Worldspan and release them over to one of our agents for fare quotes or ticketing. While that last part may sound a bit cumbersome, look how easy it is to release a record!

To release an Amadeus record:

Release the PNR to GTT’s Amadeus ID using the following format: ES/GDFWG32100-B Receive End. Send an email to to let her know the passenger name and record locator of the booking being released along with instructions on what you need.

To release an Apollo record:

Release the PNR to GTT’s pseudo city 1L1 using the COQ format; example COQ/1L1/45 and include remarks about what you need. Send an email to to let him know you have released a record over in Apollo.

To release an Sabre record:

Release the PNR to GTT’s pseudo city, 8KI0 using the 6[]TA format, e.g., 6[]TA/8KI0, and include remarks about what you need. Send an email to to let him know you have released a record over in Sabre.

To release a Worldspan record:

Initially you will need to call a GTT agent to set up a partial bridge between GTT and your office which will allow you to queue records over to us by using the entry QEP/V85/245. Call Rubia at 1-800-983-5388 to set up the partial bridge. Once you have queued a record over, send her an email to to let her know the passenger name and record locator of the booking along with your instructions.

And for those who are not fluent in GDSese and more comfortable using a web based application, GTT makes online booking or browsing simple.

GTT Online Bookings

The first step is to request a login at, you will be provided with access to the new “Online Booking” program. After logging in, go to the Online booking tab and select the first “Air Booking” option to try it out. Each agent is initially set up with a “Live Demo” capability that will allow you to check out our pricing for international bookings without actually making a reservation. If you decide you would like to be set up for “Live” online bookings, you will be provided with an account application that needs to be completed and faxed back to the number on the form. Once you are set up, you’ll then be given full access to our online reservation program.

GTT Global serves the world and works very well with groups.

GTT Contract Destinations:
Africa, Asia, China, Europe, Eastern Europe, Far East, India, Middle East, South Pacific, Mexico, Central & South America, Russia and it’s Republics

Group Requests:
GTT has international pricing agreements with all U.S. carriers and 50 major foreign carriers. To request a group, complete a Group Request Form. Their group desk usually responds with a price within one to two business days. To preserve their reputation with their airline partners, GTT does not handle speculative groups. GTT requires a $10 per seat deposit to request and confirm group bookings. The deposit is applied to the group, but if the group cancels, it becomes non-refundable.

Types of Groups:

  • Mission
  • Humanitarian
  • Church
  • Student
  • Leisure
  • Cruises
  • Corporate

Consolidators like GTT Global are true partners for the agency community. Do not merely think of them for the European business traveler. With the right mindset, a good consolidator partner can easily mean the difference between a good year and a great one!

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