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Los Cabos, Mexico by Vacation Express

Glancing to your right, you notice a rocky paradise, a couple lounging upon stones that are older than time itself.  Looking out across the blue span of water surrounding you, you see a catamaran navigating the glassy waters, lifting one of its hulls high off the water, defying gravity while the wind has its way with its sails.

And finally, to your right, you see a foursome playing golf on a course with breathtaking views; every swing they take brings their ball closer and closer to the shore, the mountains in the distance cheering them on.

This beach paradise is America’s beautiful backyard neighbor – Mexico.  This is Los Cabos.


60-Second Geography

Los Cabos

As mentioned earlier, golf is one of the most renowned features of Los Cabos, with world-classes courses perched upon the Sea of Cortes.  With a similar environment to Arizona and California, visitors will find a blend of desert and oceanic themes welcoming them. 

  • As expected with any beach destination, the water activities are a plenty.  Surfing, kayaking, wave runner, picnic on the beach, sailing, just about anything you can imagine is possible.
  • If staying on solid ground is more your thing, then you are in luck.  From mountain trails to ATV riding, and horseback riding to parasailing, thrill seekers and those who enjoy relaxing will find the perfect pastime.
  • A hybrid of Colombian and Spanish cultures dating back almost 500 years ago, Mexican dining is a daring mix of spice and bold flavors.  A variety of restaurants can be found in Los Cabos, taking influence from all over the world to cater to whatever you may happen to be in the mood for.
  • Los Cabos lives up to its expected reputation as being a party spot by offering a scintillating nightlife.  From the Hard Rock to local venues, the moment the sun hits the horizon is the moment the fiesta begins.
  • Shopping will quickly become one of the highlights of your trip, with local vendors offering handcrafted goods that use the same methods they have for centuries or the expected, well-known brands at boutiques.  Either way, your need to shop will be satisfied.
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