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5 marketing challenges solved by Tripology

Tripology, a service of Rand McNally, is a lead generation service connecting high-intent travelers with travel professionals who specialize in the destinations and types of travel sought by travelers.

Travel specialists often ask why they should consider working with Tripology to meet new clients. The answers can vary based on the travel professional’s goal for the program. However, here are five very common marketing challenges Tripology can help agents solve:

Where do I find luxury clients?

Finding luxury clients can be a challenge for travel specialists. Don’t be fooled into thinking that clients seeking a luxury vacation aren’t savvy shoppers looking for a deal just like value-conscious travelers – they are! Tripology connects you with consumers looking to take luxury vacations, but don’t expect them to flaunt large budgets in their requests to Tripology. Rather, look to the free-form fields for clues and hints about past travel experiences to help you gauge the type of experience they are seeking—and the appropriate budget. You can’t simply filter on the highest budget bracket expecting to grow luxury business.

How can I lower my client acquisition costs?

Tripology travel specialists have asked us to develop a way to earn free leads when they reached a certain level of engagement with Tripology. We came up with the Travel Industry Supporter Program where agents are reimbursed for the cost of their leads if they book with any of the 40+ participating suppliers. Talk about an inexpensive way (FREE!) to acquire new clients! The online reimbursement request process is simple, so make sure you take advantage of it.

How can I find clients within my niche?

Some travel specialists make the bulk of their revenue selling mainstream vacations, but still want to grow their niche client database. Tripology is ideal in this situation as members can use Tripology filters to exclusively focus on their niche; what they’re passionate about selling. Travel specialist Jamie focuses his Tripology leads on Central Europe with a special affinity for Hungary. Tripology member, Graig, has been requesting only Disney World and Disneyland leads and is thriving. Whether you focus on African safaris, French wine tours or Las Vegas girlfriend getaways, Tripology can help grow your niche business.

How do I grow my referral business?

Getting referrals is proof that your clients are happy with your services and want their friends and family members to benefit from your expertise. Referrals are one of the least expensive ways to grow your business. Consumers who come to Tripology for help with finding a qualified travel expert fall into three categories:

1. Time-starved travelers in the planning stage

2. Travelers frustrated with online travel companies and their reservations forms

3. Frustrated consumers who either don’t know where to begin researching their trip or those overwhelmed by “information overload”.

Once we connect these consumers with travel experts, great referrals will naturally follow as told by Tripology members, Anne and Nancy.

How do I find new clients out of my geographic area?

For travel specialists located in busy metropolitan areas with a lot of competition, agents must often compete on price to secure bookings. In remote areas, the challenge is to find clients from within a small pool of travelers. The Tripology program allows travel professionals in big cities and small towns alike to reach clients nationwide or even globally. Finding clients in Illinois, Montana or anywhere in between interested in Australia was proving difficult for Tripology member, Jonas, until he found Tripology.

Whatever your niche, marketing budget or location, Tripology can help you connect with new consumers and affordably grow your referral business. To register free for Tripology, please visit www.tripology.com/agent. Already registered with Tripology and want to take advantage of our complimentary profile review? Contact us at 800-924-0722 and we’ll provide advice and tips on how to make Tripology work for you.

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