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Ears of Experience — Maintaining the personal touch

I have taken a big leap since I last wrote and headed into a much bigger game when it comes to technology. I pride our business in being very personal, but with that, comes details that are sometimes lost in the mix. As I have mentioned before, this scares me and has been an issue in the past.

We went ahead and started the transition from travel software to all-in-one marketing and invoicing with Infusion Soft. This allows us to invoice, send e-zines (newsletters), client data and sales activity, lead-generation activity, and even e-commerce. We can literally do everything through this system, down to sending emails through it so everyone in the office knows all correspondence to a client. It is a little overwhelming right now to learn the new system and getting it all set up, but what it will allow us to do is just amazing.

But, we are still able to keep things personal. Through this new system, we can send auto-generated emails that are light and fun, yet still allow us to send personal messages. For example, at 15 travel days out, “Mickey can’t wait to see you. Have you bought your sunscreen yet?” “Don’t forget to charge those camera batteries”, etc. It also allows us to keep doing the personal things that really matter, such as the hand addressed envelopes and messages to thank people for their business and for their referrals. For me, the biggest impact a business can have on me is when they take the time to send a personalized note–and not just a simple thank you note, but rather a hand addressed thank you. I am not a big fan of thank you notes that are mass-produced and computer printed with labels on the envelopes.

With this new technology, we will be able to touch our clients more than we ever would have had time to do without auto-generated emails. We will also have the time to continue to give the personal touches that we know matter most to our clients.

I would be interested to know what you do in your business to keep a personal touch with your clients. How do you keep it personal, yet streamlined with current technology?

Amy Sinclair is the owner of a fee-free Disney-only agency called Ears of Experience. Ears of Experience builds custom Disney experiences for their clients with an emphasis on personalization. The agency even has Disney kid experts “on staff” to work with the children of clients. To contact Amy by email — amy@themouseexperts.com or visit her site at www.themouseexperts.com.

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