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Modern Germany’s liberalism and progressive status stands in stark contrast to its profoundly volatile history. Visit Germany with Hariworld and see the an ideal starting point for any visit to Europe – Germany borders nine other countries. Remember, you can use 60-Second Geography articles in your newsletters and on your websites.

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The historically great empire of Germany owes much to its strategic position relative to the rest of Europe. Situated between Western and Eastern Europe with excellent access to the North and Baltic Seas, Germany’s status as an early super-power was without dispute. Today’s Germany is highly developed and industrialized with a high quality of life and an overt demand for environmentally sound tourism.
  • Germany is the world’s 4th largest economy but is endowed with fascinating scenery and cultural attractions. The railway and highway systems are the best in Europe and make traveling the country simple and pleasant.
  • With the removal of the Berlin Wall and reunification, East Germany has now provided a new range of tourism markets.
  • In Northern Germany, large ranges of forest and lakes provide tourists with a variety of outdoor scenery and adventure opportunity. Many of the cultural attractions of the area date all the way back to the Middle Ages. Hamburg and Hanover are known for their trade fairs and commerce, but tourism plays an important role in their economy.
  • The ideal hiking country of Central Germany and the beautiful village towns like Hesse and of the Weser Valley make up a portion of the “Fairy-Tale Road” where castles and hills are reminiscent of the stories of the Brothers Grimm.
  • The Rhineland is home to Europe’s most frequented waterway. The Rhine meanders through vineyards of some of the most product wine producing land in the world.
  • Cologne is home to the most famous cathedral in Germany. The Cologne Cathedral is a world heritage site, and is the the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. Construction took more than 600 years.
  • Southern Germany is home to the Black Forest – a scenic area of uplands offering hiking and a variety of winter sports.
  • Munich is filled with Renaissance architecture and is home to the music and art scene of modern Germany.
  • The “Romantic Road” links a number of medieval towns including Wurzburg, Bamberg and Rothenburg.
  • The Bavarian Alps provide some of Europe’s best lake and mountain scenery.
  • In Eastern Germany, the city of Dresden has been reconstructed after the Allied destruction of the city by “carpet bombing” during World War II.
  • Berlin bears the inspiring reminders of the city’s painful past with the remnants of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charley and the Jewish Holocaust Memorial.
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