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Transam Travel-Trusted Consolidator since 1980

In their 31st year of excellence, Transam Travel is one of the largest airline wholesaler consolidators in America.  With their top-notch (and very highly trained) team ready to serve you in any way possible, they are committed to providing seamless service to all their customers, no matter their price range.  What sets Transam apart from the rest is that they cater to only travel agents, operating from five branch offices, allowing them to provide 24/7 customer support.  What exactly does this mean, then?  Well, if you are a night owl, phoning them at 2 a.m. to book a flight overseas will be a problem of the past.
An Overview of Transam Travel

Operating since 1980, Transam has been the preferred supplier for professionals, combining competitive pricing with excellent service into a package that cannot be beat.  Airlines are not the only field they deal in, either – they also provide wholesale prices on hotels and tour operators, offering agents the ability to purchase travel services at deep discounts to every major country in the six populated continents.

To better understand how helpful and money-saving Transam is, one must better understand what they offer.  Consolidation is a means of airline ticket distribution, where airlines sell tickets directly to the source, allowing them to be sold at deeply discounted prices.  “How deep?” you might ask.  Transam offers discounts up to 40-50%, providing worldwide discounts to over 250,000 passengers annually.

How They Are Able to Offer Their Advantages

Transam Travel, in over three decades of existence, has been able to develop a competitive advantage through their customer-driven advanced technology solutions, which optimize travel agent needs.  Constantly updating and catering to the changes in the travel market, they make technology accessible and affordable to the majority of users via delivering innovative, popular fare distribution systems that are easy to use.  Investing a vast amount of resources into adapting the latest and greatest technology, Transam is constantly on top of the consolidating game and, in return, providing you with the best deals on the market.

Benefits of Working with Transam Travel

You may be wondering why you should work with Transam, and if their extended track record is not enough justification, their values most certainly will be.  First and foremost, they maintain a customer-first philosophy.  This means that no matter the situation, you will be considered the priority.  Secondly, their professional, experienced staff.  Knowing the best deals on the market is a never-ending job, so their knowledgeable staff knows exactly where to look to find you the absolute best value possible.  They always maintain a personalized client relationship, so don’t be surprised if they remember you and a bit about you the next time you call.  As stated earlier, they also deal in worldwide wholesale pricing, so no matter your destination, a deal will be found.  Their database of 12+ million net airline fares, both domestic and international, along with an abundance of worldwide partners, furthers their reach and influence on the market, as does their accessible senior management and their membership with the U.S. Air Consolidators Association (USACA).

No matter your level, budget nor location, Transam Travel can help you find the best deals possible, from flights to hotels and tours. For more information, contact Transam Travel at 800-822-7600 or email at

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