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A three pronged attack

Last week I had the opportunity to address a group of people representing  a Fortune 100 company.

I opened my discussion by asking the audience to lift one leg off the ground and to hold that position. This was an easy exercise and they all were able to balance on one leg. I congratulated them for their athletic prowess and quickly reminded them that this was quite likely their current state of “balance.” I suggested that they probably felt “balanced” in their jobs and in their personal lives.  But, it would be very easy, to approach each executive and knock them off-balance effortlessly with a single finger since they were standing on only one leg. I could destroy their balancing act with very little effort.

But, once two feet were firmly back on the floor, they became balanced again with a sturdier foundation. Two legs are sturdier than one. But what can improve a two-legged foundation? A three-legged foundation.

The three legs I was referring to with this group were Attitude; Nutrition; and Exercise. With these three legs firmly positioned, it would be difficult to knock anyone off balance.

Without going into a 60-minute presentation complete with slides, humor and audience interaction, I want to share with you a similar reminder. As soon as you begin to think right, eat right and exercise daily, you will establish complete and total balance in your life … strong enough to withstand any oncoming forces. You will be braced. You will be confident enough to challenge any incoming stress head on and ask to be hit with the best shot!

Business skills and knowledge come from experience. It is your responsibility to portray a positive attitude, maintain a proper diet, and exercise daily if you want to make a run at becoming the exception.

Why is this so important? The world as we know it is becoming one overweight planet filling up with a bunch of people who feel that their lot in life is unfair. Obesity is an epidemic that needs to be addressed in very short order. Negative, whining, boring individuals are beginning to think that we all care about their problems. News Flash: We don’t! We all have enough of our own.

I will remind you of two of my favorite sayings from two Michaels.

(1)            You can’t change the world, but you can change your world. (me)

(2)            Take a look in the mirror, and then make a change. (Michael Jackson)

Begin with your attitude. Next, focus on your eating habits. And finally, exercise (walk) 15-minutes a day. Anything you can do (that you are not doing today) is a MAJOR step in the right direction.

Have a great week. Life is for living … and while it is fresh in your mind, help others get the message.

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  1. Good advice, Mike! Thanks for the reminder to keep going!

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