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Making the Most of TRO – Travel Articles and ePostcards

One of the first innovations that TRO implemented four years ago was to create a library of travel articles that travel agents could use as marketing tools.  TRO’s selection of travel articles fall into two categories.  Our Activity Guides are articles that revolve around various travel themes.  There you will find articles on activities such as Astronomy Holidays, Safaris, Bird Watching, Archeology or Beer and Pub Tours.  In all, there are 50 Activity Guide articles that travel agents can print or email to their clients. The second set of articles, the  Voyager Travel articles, primarily are centered around various destinations and many are written by well known and award winning writers. Again, using TRO’s private label system, a travel agent can print or email these articles complete with the agent’s logo and contact information.  Like all of TRO’s tools, there is never any charge for the agent to access or use the tools. 

Best of all, travel agents can actually make limited use of the Activity Guides and Voyager Travel articles on their own websites.  TRO has a limited license agreement that lets agents post an article on their site, one at a time, for a limited duration.  By carefully following the terms of TRO’s license agreement,  the travel agent has a free source of  fresh internet content, so important for bringing clients back to the site again and again form new reading. For agents wanting a more extensive library and more liberal usage of articles on their website, Voyager Travel Guides has a full usage license for a small annual fee.

TRO also has a full line of ePostcards for travel agent use. Over 200 epostcards for every occasion: holidays (very popular), anniversaries, birthdays, welcome home, “take a trip” – you get the idea.  TRO designed these cards with the travel agent’s practice in mind. Again, usage is free.  Travel agents can send to up to 5 clients a day from our system.  If they wish to send to more clients, the easiest method is to email an ePostcard to themselves and to then send the card from their own email system. Each card carries the travel agent’s logo and contact information, so the card is a very personalized way of reaching out to a client.

All of TRO’s tools are free for agent use. The suppliers who advertise on TRO pay for your use.  That brings me to a special point and request. TRO’s approach to the trade is unique.  We have endeavored to create a resource center unlike any other in the industry to give agents a really powerful, useful set of tools.  In return, we ask that you give consideration to our suppliers as candidates for partners in your travel practice. When you see a banner ad, click on it and read the offering.  When you receive an email broadcast from us, please give it some attention and store it for later use and reference.  We work with high quality tour operators, and we monitor agent responses to their business practices.  Uniformly, these suppliers represent companies that we are proud to present to the travel agency community. By reading their advertising, by giving them an opportunity to work with your company, you support the activities of TRO in providing you with quality marketing tools and editorial.

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