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That’s Life

I have no intentions of stealing Old Blue-Eyes’ thunder –he was the first one to suggest this option in his song, “That’s Life.” At face value, this option comes with limited future promise. There must be another way.

With all the negativity being printed and relayed to us every day by the media, it seems only natural to think this is an acceptable alternative to what ails you and your business. But not for me … and I am hoping, not for you.

Look at it this way! The pessimists who have thrown their hands up in surrender will soon be singing the blues for their dinner. The optimists, on the other hand, who are standing by waiting for everything to all turn out for the best, might find themselves singing from the very same song sheet.

Optimism or pessimism; upbeat or downtrodden, nothing is going to happen until you make it happen.

Life’s pendulum will swing just as spring follows winter and day follows night. That’s what makes life worth living. But what makes life really fun and rewarding is when we do something that causes other things to happen. Call it the old cause and effect trick. Or more aptly–cause an effect! But to pull this off, you must look fear in the face while screaming at the top of your lungs, “Look out world, here I come.”

So what can you do today to cause an effect? Give this some thought:

  1. You can call a client to say “thank-you.”
  2. You can call a dormant client to update your lives.
  3. You can find something in your marketplace worth applauding and start clapping.
  4. You can write a letter or postcard to anybody about anything.
  5. You can stop by Barnes & Noble and pick up a book worth reading—then read it.
  6. You can remind yourself that you didn’t get to where you are today by accident, and that you won’t be moving any further in your career without a little elbow grease on your part.
  7. You can spot an article in the morning paper or online and send it to a person who you feel might connect with the story.
  8. You can step away from your desk or office to take a walk while thinking of all the fun things you could be doing in place of whining about your recent weight gain or customer loss.
  9. Or, you can call it quits and roll yourself up into a big ball … and die.

My money is riding on the pendulum. My money is on the proactive, creative, fun-loving entrepreneur. My money is on you … and me!  As Cher suggested in the movie “Moon Struck,” let’s snap out of it. Let’s do something worth doing. Let’s make our businesses fun again.

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Check out his new collaborative project titled The Travel Agent Success Series

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