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Galavant Travel – The best laid plans

While the summer seems to go by too quickly, the past month has been rather enjoyable. I’ve had time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  As a bonus, work has picked up, and it is steady work. I’ve spent quality time with my children and family, and have given myself time off without feeling guilty.  

Being one who organizes all the family events (what a big surprise eh?), I did have time to put together our first family reunion.  Cousins from Oregon, Virginia, and all over New England have descended upon New Hampshire for the first annual Hobart Family Reunion.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Hurricane Irene has made plans to attend also.  So, we’ve moved the reunion back one day, and to a new venue–my home.

If you remember, last month I bemoaned my fate, as business had dropped off dramatically.  I can look back now and smile, knowing that if it hadn’t, this reunion probably wouldn’t be happening.   The moral of the story, for me at least, is that no matter how well you plan something, things happen.  I have to remind myself to relax and get over it, such as when business is slow, or someone cancels a trip.  In hindsight, my slow period was a blessing; it allowed me to spend a wonderful weekend with my entire family.  It also reminded me that I also have to remind my clients that “stuff” happens on trips too. They need to relax and take a deep breath, and let me take care of the things I can for them–that’s what I do.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Patti Maxwell is the Owner of Galavant Travel in Deerfield New Hampshire. After a 28 year long career as a medical transcriptionist, Maxwell received her Travel & Tourism Certificate from a local Community College,  and started Galavant Travel in 2007. Galavant is a home based agency affiliated with Avoya Travel. You can contact Patti by email, on her website, on twitter, facebook, or her blog.

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