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Tel Aviv by Sky Bird Travel and Tours

A worldly city, Tel Aviv is incomparable to many when it comes to urban flavor.  Harnessing the new and old is an understatement. In Israel “old” isn’t measured in decades or even centuries, but by millennia.  In very few cities can you experience traditional museums, operas, theaters, dancing, and fine dining while side-by-side with buildings that claim origins as far back as the days B.C.

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Tel Aviv

Many may forget, but Tel Aviv is on the coast, which means one thing – beautiful Mediterranean beaches.  Rocky beaches can be found farther north, too, where coves lay hidden, sprouting wildflowers when in season.  For a little more adventure, divers can take underwater tours of Roman antiquities in Caesarea beach.
  • Being Israel’s biggest city, as well as its largest commercial center, visitors will feel right at home if big city life is desired.  Shopping here is a great experience with centers and boutique stores within every direction imaginable, like the world famous Dizengoff.
  • For the history buffs, there are plenty of museums to choose from.  One of the most popular is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, comprised of both European art from the 16th to 19th centuries, mixed alongside Israeli art from various centuries.
  • Night owl?  With some of the hottest bars in the Mediterranean, such as the Port Zone’s many trendy bars, any late-night loving visitors will find their scene here.  If you enjoy dancing, don’t miss TLV, but if you prefer a more laid back area, check out Shalvata, which offers a low-key atmosphere, quality music, and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.
  • Once you’ve landed in Israel, transportation becomes more of an adventure than it is a hassle.  Bus guides will show you the best the city has to offer while trains will take you to the central station and beyond.  Bicycles come highly recommended, given how up close and personal they allow you to get with the magical sights.


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