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Ears Of Experience — The frog principle

A couple years ago, I read a book by Brian Tracy called Eat that Frog, which helped me so much that our company grew 161% over last year. Time management is very important to us now as we struggle with how to fit it all in. There is an old saying, “If you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, nothing worse can happen all day”. The premise is if you look at your list of things to do that day and complete the biggest frog (or thing) first. This will give you momentum and energy to get through the rest of your day. If you let it sit there and weigh heavy on you, it will drain you as you worry about it.

The author talks about your frog being behind a big door and the hardest part is usually just the act of opening the door. I am a visual person and have really taken this to heart in my business and it really has made a difference. I make a list either the night before or early in the morning, and the biggest frog gets tackled first. It is the best feeling to get the biggest task completed so I can move on. With that off my shoulders, I feel I am more positive with those I encounter, more creative with marketing, and overall more productive.

My daily task list is created around this idea. I divide it into three columns – A, B, and C. A tasks are ones that must be completed urgently. B tasks are ones that need to be completed but can wait. And the C tasks would be great to get done; but they should probably be delegated or outsourced, as you may never have time for these ideas or concepts. By breaking down the list like this, I can truly look (visualize) at how my priorities should be set and it makes me see how important time management is in my day. I also have stopped answering phones and emails every time they come in. I set aside times for these every day, periodically throughout the day. If I answered immediately, nothing would get done. People can hear the tension and distraction in your voice if you are trying to do 500 other things. What message does this send? Now, when I am speaking to a client, the laptop is down and they have my attention.

So I challenge you to take the “frog” challenge. Make a list and circle your biggest frog for a month and see if you don’t get more done in a day. I know this book and concept has helped me out so much and I hope it helps you as well.

Amy Sinclair is the owner of a fee-free Disney-only agency called Ears of Experience. Ears of Experience builds custom Disney experiences for their clients with an emphasis on personalization. The agency even has Disney kid experts “on staff” to work with the children of clients. To contact Amy by email — amy@themouseexperts.com or visit her site at www.themouseexperts.com.

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  1. Hi Amy
    Loved the book as well and quote the author and other books a lot.
    Thanks for sharing!

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