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Yeck’s Cruise & Travel– First and goal

This is my favorite time of year.  October brings my birthday along with the change of colors, cooler temperatures and Halloween.  There is just something in the air; and after a long hot summer in south Florida, it is a welcome relief. Additionally football on all levels ramps up in October–and being a head coach for a team of 13-15 year olds, my season is reaching its climax. 

Being a coach for youth football is a challenging job as it brings a ton of responsibility and organization that must be maintained for the duration of the season.  Change is an overwhelming constant due to the need to keep our opponents guessing while continuously trying to reach the same goal.  Dealing with teenagers with a never ending source of hormones and attitude can be quite challenging as a coach; but molding these young men into a cohesive team is rewarding, and I feel it is a reflection on the coaching staff’s preparation.

The parallel I am drawing to travel is somewhat obscure, but it is evident and recognizable.  A good agent, like a good coach must be able to be organized and be able to handle multiple personalities, accept change and be able to handle difficult situations.  Players and parents can mirror clients, which must be handled accordingly to make sure that you do not lose them due to inefficiency or lack of effort. Even an outcome of a game can be remotely associated; sometimes you might feel like you won when you secure that high dollar luxury sale and other times you might feel that you have fallen short with a cancellation you had worked exhaustively hoping not to get.

Additionally, you might feel that you have gone into overtime with a client’s sale that basically nets you next to nothing in commissions while other times you might feel you have thrown a quick strike with a client that calls and books without any effort on your part. Ultimately, the highs and lows exist because the nature of this business dictates this and nurtures it.

For me, the excitement of this business is a big reason I enjoy it so much. Many agents claim they are passionate about travel and I believe them, as I have made the claim as well. But one of the reasons I enjoy selling travel is the thrill of the chase; the game that is internally inherent and the expectation that every time I speak to a client I believe that I am going to score.  Of course in football we all know that there are times when you fumble or have to punt, but it is up to you to be the best you can be on every down and if you prepare yourself, practice hard and play solidly; you will win more than you will lose.

So, I am not saying that selling travel is a game, but it is certainly a competition–one that is played against many other agents all trying to achieve the same goal.  Your best is what makes you succeed; the challenges and accomplishments move you to your goal. And the successes and records are what make you come back for more. This is why I love selling travel as much as I love coaching football

Vincent Yeck, CTA, DS is the owner and agent of Yeck’s Cruise & Travel in Lake Worth, Florida.  He is a “Destination Specialist” for the Caribbean and specializes in cruises, family travel and groups; including youth sports fundraising.  He also is the OSSN Chapter Director for Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, a travel industry trade association representing and supporting the Independent Travel Agent, Home Based Travel Agency, and the Outside Sales Travel Agent.  He can be reached via email at or his website at



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