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Lakani World Tours

Founded in 2003, Lakani World Tours, provides extraordinary vacations with memories to last a lifetime. Lakani World Tours programs feature the best that an area has to offer. While they recognize that quality does not come cheaply, they provide value through the agent and traveler experience and strong relationships with proven suppliers.
Heidi Lakani, founder of Lakani world tours, makes it her priority to see that each and every Lakani tour is a successful exploration of the world’s history and culture in amazing style so that travelers return home to their travel agents with incredible tales and enthusiasm for their next voyage of discovery. Heidi gathered a team of experts to help her achieve that goal, and is able to offer a selection of Escorted Small Group Tours, Custom-Designed Tours and four unique Luxury Private Jet journeys per year.

The Lakani team believes that attitude is everything. Service begins the first time you call and continues throughout the entire journey. They anticipate the desires and expectations of discerning travelers. The team of seasoned industry veterans share Heidi’s vision to provide the very best in travel based on their unparalleled experience, judgment and insight.

Lakani’s Private Jet Tours are an opportunity for travelers to experience the world without the hassle of commercial airlines. Trips available on their jets include:

Europe Rediscovered
India, Sri Lanka and Nepal
African Adventure
Cultural Connections: A Round-the-World in 22 days Adventure

Lakani’s world-class tours span the globe and offer travelers culturally enriching experiences in Afria, Asia, South and Central America and Europe. Each continent can be enjoyed through a variety of tours and country/city combinations. They also offer custom tours for travelers who wish to plan a more personalized vacation. Some sample itineraries are:

Culinary Tour of Alsace Burgundy
Crossing the Andes
Moroccan Adventure
New Zealand Family Tour

Travel agents can be confident that a partnership with Lakani World Tours means satisfied clients every time, generous commission rates, ample opportunities for bonuses on select tours and an exciting, luxurious product to sell.

To learn more about Lakani World Tours or develop a partnership with one of world’s leading tour operators, visit their website at or call toll-free 888-565-5554.

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