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Pasadena, California by City Escapes

Located in Los Angeles county, Pasadena can seem like it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Angels. Just a short drive from the beach and some of the most beautiful mountains in the U.S., there is no shortage of activities for visitors.

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Football fans travel from miles around to the Rose Bowl every New Years Day. While the game is on January 2 this season, the tradition remains the same. Founded in 1890 to promote tourism to Pasadena, this undeniably American event has become a staple for football lovers. While most of the country is blanketed in snow, Pasadena offers a refreshingly warm setting for this prestigious stadium event and consistently sells out every year.
  • Before settling in for kick-off at the Rose Bowl, attendees can enjoy one of the most beautiful parades in the country – the Rose Parade. Around 60 floats, over 20 marching bands and 30 equestrian groups don a stunning array of roses and travel through the streets of Pasadena beginning at 8:00 a.m. on January 2. This internationally broadcast event will enchant anyone who attends, from young children to their grandparents. A ticket to the Rose Bowl is not required to enjoy the parade.
  • Pasadena is only about a 25-minute drive from some of California’s most beautiful beaches. Easily accessed a number of ways, visitors can escape to the coast to enjoy a day soaking up rays with a good book – even in January, as the average temperatures are in the mid-60s to low-70s.
  • Nature lovers will be in heaven during a trip to Pasadena as there are hundreds of some of the most gorgeous hiking trails within just minutes of the city. There are also dozens of golf courses offering breathtaking views of the mountains as well as kayak and canoe rental, cave exploration, horseback riding and rock climbing.
  • A trip to Pasadena should always include a stroll through the Descano Gardens, a 160-acre botanical paradise. Open daily except on Christmas, the gardens offer admission from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with guided tours and a ride on the Enchanted Railroad available.
  • Renowned world-wide for its large scientific community, Pasadena boasts an array of museums and observatories. Visitors can learn about every branch of science in fun, inspiring environments year-round. The famous observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science are a must, especially the Giant Magellan Telescope which is a product of over 100 years of astronomical research and construction by some of the most acclaimed institutions in the world.
  • Considering that Julia Childs was born in Pasadena, it comes as no surprise that the city offers some very impressive culinary fare. No matter what the mood calls for, Pasadena has a restaurant to satisfy any diner. From traditional French cuisine and fine dining to every ethnic variety and kid-friendly spots, there is a restaurant for everyone.
  • Shoppers will delight at the wide range of options for souvenirs and other fares in Pasadena. The Rose Bowl Flea Market consistently impresses with a stunning amount of vintage and antique items for sale. It is best to arrive early to allow time to browse through the huge selection of treasures. One Colorado, Old Pasadena’s outdoor downtown experience is full of famous designer boutiques as well as popular, less expensive stores. The complex combines 19th century-style architecture with modern shopping pleasures and many dining options to fuel the day’s shopping trip.
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