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Engaging Facebook Posts: Photographs and Videos

Who can resist Liking a photograph of the Northern Lights? How about a video of a lion attacking a water buffalo? Think back on the Facebook posts that you have clicked on or Liked. How many of them were an irresistible photo or a video you would have otherwise not encountered? Each time you responded to a photograph or a video you were indicating a response similar to the one you want to evoke in your own Fan base. Photographs and videos are two of the best ways to engage your audience.

Here are a few such items from the Travelhoppers Facebook Page:

Use a great deal of discretion in your choice of appropriate media. Importantly, stay within the realm of travel related themes. Note that in each of the above examples, destinations, travel or some easily identifiable travel theme is present. In this way the brand of the company is maintained. Venturing into political satire, pop culture or some unrelated media would not serve the company brand well. Distinguish between media that is suitable for your personal profile but not, perhaps, for your company Page.

Add a short, concise comment to introduce your videos as in each of the examples above.  When people comment on your selection, Like their comment to reinforce their interaction with your Facebook Page. When appropriate, comment on Comments.

Only choose the best of the best when it comes to the photography and video you select for Posts. You want the impact to “Wow” your Fans. When a viewer has a strong positive reaction to a video or photograph on your Facebook page, the viewer inherently associates YOU with that positive emotion. Such is the power of media in the social marketing context and the best reason possible for choosing your selections wisely!

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