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Facebook Posts to Avoid!

This week we have reviewed a variety of Facebook posts you can use to engage your readers more fully. Today we want to take a quick look at areas where you might want to tread more carefully. These topics of conversation veer away from your core mission and venture into areas not conducive to engaging your audience. To the contrary, you may offend a good segment of your readership!

The underlying principle here is to separate your personal, private life from your marketing. This type of compartmentalization does not always sit well with everyone. Many feel their personal convictions and beliefs must show through the veneer of business activity. Essentially I agree. However, it is often far better to persuade gently and by example rather than from the pulpit. With that caveat in mind, let’s look at a few types of posts you should make only if you are not concerned with alienating some major portion of your constituency!

  • Political diatribes – No doubt there is plenty of fodder for satire and humor in our current political climate. However, the country is pretty evenly divided between Democrat and Republican. Anything you might say that one group will approve, the other will disapprove. There is nothing inherently political about travel!
  • Off color humor – Posts suggesting sexual or discriminatory themes are inherently problematical. Marketing is tough enough without inviting criticism for mistakes this easy to avoid.
  • Religion – remember when your parents told you to avoid discussions of politics and religion in polite company? Those same reminders are valuable to your social interactions on Facebook.

There are many, many topics of great interest to your readers not involving problematical political issues! Entertain, amuse and educate – there is literally a world of topics for a travel professional to address.

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