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Blue Sky Tours Announces New Loyalty Program and Headquarters

Blue Sky Tours, one of the travel industry’s leading Hawai’i wholesale companies, is excited to announce the launch of their new loyalty program – Mahalo Money!  Blue Sky Tours wants to reward the loyal Travel Agents who make their Hawaii bookings with them and the Mahalo Money Loyalty Program does just that with cash.

As a registered member, each and every qualifying booking you make through Blue Sky Tours will earn you Mahalo Money – their way of saying “thank you” (Mahalo). An average booking will earn you around $5. In addition, they will regularly extend partner exclusive offers and bonus rewards just for their registered Mahalo Money members.

Until the end of March Blue Sky Tours is featuring Hyatt Resorts & Spas Hawaii with exclusive offers. Save up to 10%, daily breakfast, free nights, upgrades and more! As a Mahalo Money member, when you book any of the Hyatt Resorts Hawaii in March, you will earn an extra $25 per booking.

The more you book with Blue Sky Tours the more cash you will earn. The cash you earn will be deposited on your Visa Prepaid Debit Card so you can use your Mahalo Money in the same way you would use a debit card.

“We are very excited to be launching Blue Sky Tours’ Mahalo Money Loyalty Program.  It is a wonderful way to reward all those travel agents who loyally book Blue Sky Tours.  And we believe a cash reward keeps with the philosophy of Blue Sky Tours: we keep it simple,” said Susan Kownacki, Director of Sales and Marketing of Blue Sky Tours.

To learn more about our Mahalo Money loyalty program go to

In 2011, Blue Sky Tours celebrated 30 years in business, all of which was spent in the same office on Prospect Avenue in Albuquerque. On March 17, 2012, the Blue Sky Tours Ohana will be moving from their old home to a new office.

The new office has been re-configured specifically for Blue Sky Tours. Although their team is excited about the move to a newer, nicer and safer office, many employees have worked in the old office for over 20 years and it is a bit bittersweet to move away from a place that is so familiar. Vangie Campos, who has worked in their reservation department since March 17, 1994, will be moving to the new location on her 18th anniversary with Blue Sky Tours.

“I am excited for a new place but sad at the same time,” said Vangie. “I know I will drive to the old place and then remember, ‘oh no we moved!’”

In keeping with the wonderful team spirit at Blue Sky Tours, they feel the move is a positive one for the company and the employees.

“It was hard at first as I have been coming to work at the Prospect address for 20 years and it has taken time to digest and accept the move,” commented Jodi Holley, Senior Business Development Manager.  “Now I feel it is so positive and the environment at the new building is so much safer I cannot wait for the move to take place.”

Although the Prospect Avenue location has been an enormous part of who Blue Sky Tours is, the most important part of who they are is moving to the new location – the people! This is going to be a great change for the start of their next 30 years in business.

To learn more about Blue Sky Tours or to contact one of their knowledgeable reservation specialists, visit

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