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Avanti Destinations – Dedicated to You for Over 30 Years

With over 31 years of dedicated travel planning and a variety of destinations and vacations to choose from, Avanti Destinations aims high to please: they want your clients to enjoy every moment of their vacation.

A leader for independent travel to Europe, Latin America and Mexico, Avanti specializes in a wide range of modular FIT packages including air, rail, cars, hotels, sightseeing, transfers and other experiential travel options that appeal to all types of travelers. Whether clients are looking for an epic odyssey through Italy or just want to experience the excitement of zip-lining over the tree tops in the jungles of Costa Rica, Avanti Destinations has an itinerary just for them.

Every single product they offer is authentic and hand-picked by a team of travel professionals looking for the best experiences at the best value. Not only does the Avanti team search high and low for opportunities they feel represent a destination, but they make sure that each one comes backed by excellent customer service. By offering travelers hard-to-find-options at the best values, Avanti truly creates a vacation worth remembering. They work to make their trips as easy and stress-free as possible while providing many flexible options not found in other travel packages.

Perhaps your client is looking for more than a place to spend the night. Try one of Avanti’s numerous accommodations for a European getaway: help your clients immerse themselves in culture by staying in a romantic Tuscan villa or farmhouse in Italy, like the Tuscan Villa Wine, where they can enjoy libations from the region on an estate that is actively growing grapes and producing its own varieties. These options often include a three-course meal with plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the countryside.

Not all travelers are looking for a romantic getaway in Italy; many are looking to scope out the sights and have a bit of an adventure. And for some, there’s no better way to see the scenery than embarking on Vespa tour of Tuscany. For these travelers, Avanti will set them up with a Vespa and send them off ride from hotel to hotel through the Tuscan countryside. With many of their packages, they offer the availability to personalize the vacation down to the smallest details, like experiential day tours, wine in room, private transfers and the like.

With Avanti’s assortment of specialized programs clients can pick and choose the types of activities they want to include in their itineraries. Maybe kayaking and rafting are a bit much for your client—perhaps they’d enjoy a day spent lazily cruising down the Amazon River where they can watch the wildlife from a distance, cameras at hand. Or maybe your client loves wine. Why not send them to a tasting if they’re traveling to Argentina or Chile in South America? They’ll experience the culture of these places in a way not often repeated by other travel itineraries that focus solely on museums and historical site visits.

With such the freedom to personalize a trip to fit a client’s exact needs, Avanti Destinations will surely not disappoint those who take advantage of its booking and scheduling functions. While it offers standard packages, Avanti also delivers some of the most exciting and culturally immersive programs as well, making every trip one to remember—and your clients will remember Avanti Destinations and thank you for choosing them as well.

To learn more about Avanti Destinations or speak with one of their qualified representatives, visit their website or call (800) 422-5053.


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