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Fail faster

What would you try to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? I bet you’d be doing more than you are currently attempting to do!

Failure has a way of eroding one’s self-confidence. And self-confidence is a delicate thing. It makes a huge difference between what we accomplish and what we don’t attempt for fear of failing. Most people talk themselves right out of accomplishment and right back into a more comfortable state of mediocrity.

Why? Because they don’t think they can succeed. Over the years they have trained themselves to feel content on a certain rung of the ladder…selling a particular destination…a specific vendor.  Am I hitting any nerves? Just as water seeks its own level, people tend to gravitate toward their own comfort zone.

The truth is you can do more and you can be more. And once you come to terms with the fact that failure plays a key in your growth, you will find yourself enjoying accomplishments that once were considered way beyond your reach.

For nearly fifteen years I have been urging people to accelerate their failure curve. If you want more–fail more; fail faster, fail with flair, and fail with a little bounce in your step.

A positive outcome of failure is that you will be leaving many of your boring attributes behind. Failure is never boring.

So enjoy the ride. Stop boring people with your negative thoughts and comments thinking that they somehow care–they don’t.

Try grasping for something that is just beyond your reach.

Trust me. You will be more fun to be around and you will begin adding to your already long list of achievements.

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