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Sometimes it pays to just ask


This week, I received some spam in my inbox that caught my attention. It wasn’t porn, phishing, or that long lost royal relative looking to leave me his millions. It wasn’t even my best friend explaining how he got mugged in London and needed $2500 wired to him (despite being out together last night). This one was for travel deals in Far North Australia from an unknown (to me) company. So what compelled me about the email? In a word–honesty.

I do not sell Australia. It is too expensive for most of my demographic and on the odd request, I usually pass it off to an Aussie specialist. We have never offered a trip “down under” so there was no chance this email was even remotely targeted. I imagine they picked up my address somewhere and figured that the only opportunities you are sure to miss are the ones you never take.

All they wanted was for me to sign up on their mailing list to send me occasional offers and here are the two honest points that caught my attention:

  1. Why are we doing this?  Simple; to get your email address and have YOU allow me to send occaisional  [sic] fantastic holiday specials in the Far North of Australia.
  2. I WILL NOT SEND YOU ANY MORE EMAILS. This is a one off offer, no need to unsubscribe.



This was refreshing I think. Email addresses are a dime a dozen. You should never presume to add someone to your mailing list without his or her express permission. Sure you can be sneaky and put it in fine print, but is that any way to start a relationship? But I bet you could use a fishbowl at a local event to collect email addresses for a small prize and then solicit them to join your list with great success. This guy did. I signed up. I scan his deals. And if I ever have a group to Australia, he will likely be on my short list.  What do you think?

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