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The Traveling Kidd–I have a confession to make

I have a confession.  I am a home based travel agent with a full time job.

Whew, I feel much better that I admitted it! I remember when I joined the industry; I read quite a few forum comments that implied, home based agents that joined the industry in a part time capacity were not taken seriously by their peers.  In fact, I learned a new term– “vanity career”.   It was used to describe people that joined the travel industry because they loved to travel, thought the benefits included traveling cheap and flexible hours.  Fortunately, those were never my drivers.

The decision to embark on a new career while maintaining my current one was HUGE for me. I never intended on quitting my job to pursue it and it’s a good thing because it took quite some time to get my first client and building a client base is definitely a work in progress.   For me it was not practical to quit a job that I was skilled at and made a decent living from.  Unless my profit was consistently more than my annual salary, going solo would not be an option.

Working two jobs is not new to me.  I spent a good portion of my adult life holding two jobs.  I knew I could manage it but was smart enough to know there would be challenges.  Time would tell if those challenges would surmountable.  I felt my biggest challenge would be learning how to balance a new and unfamiliar workload so it did not interfere with my day job.  For me that was a deal breaker.  I was not willing to jeopardize my current career.

I also worried if I would be able to service my clients effectively?  Would I have scheduling issues for client consultations?  Would I be bogged down with administrative tasks that would keep me up to the wee hours of the night?  These are questions that threatened my resolve to go into travel.

It didn’t take long for me to realize most of my concerns were not only unfounded, but definitely manageable.  In fact, all of my consultations to date have been conducted over the phone.  Booking  turned out to be a non-issue since all of my preferred suppliers offer online booking tools, and in some cases, late hours when I need to call.  Email seems to be the preferred method of communication with my target demographic and my so my PDA has become one of my most valuable assets.

The truth is, we live in a time when dual incomes are the norm, people hold two jobs to supplement their income and risk takers, like me, are realizing that not only is it possible to have a dual career, but it is possible to live out your dream, potentially becoming successful at it, without sacrificing your livelihood to do so.

Are you a dual career agent? Or are you into travel full-time? Please leave a comment.

Tracy Kidd is the owner and agent of The Traveling Kidd in Central New Jersey. She specializes in planning travel for couples, friend getaways, and groups.  She is a member of NACTA and entered the industry in 2010. Yo can contact Tracy at  or by email at

  3 thoughts on “The Traveling Kidd–I have a confession to make

  1. Mary Jo Babiarz says:

    I did that for a while too. Good luck!

  2. Great article Tracy and there is, as you stated, nothing wrong with having 2 jobs.

    What if travel provided you more income than your other job does, but you still keep both…is it a vanity job then? It is not how many jobs you do but how successful you are at them.

    Many agents that turn their noses up at part time agents that work another job may not have to worry about their income themselves due to others in their households that provide a comfortable lifestyle. In fact I know many agents that make next to nothing and only work as an agent because they do it only for personal travel money and opportunities while the real bread and butter is earned by another household member. I would love to see them handle multiple successful jobs!

    I have always believed in “multiple streams of income” and that is what keeps me working in many fields including travel…so keep up the effort and don’t worry about what others might think!!!

  3. Kim Restagno says:

    I enjoyed your post!
    I am a dual career agent at the present time. I’m also fortunate that if I’m not busy at my day job, they don’t mind if I work on travel business.
    I will say that the travel business is getting much busier for me (also the day job) so there are times that it is very challenging. I don’t know if I can do both much longer if the travel continues to grow. That is my goal, to grow the travel enough to do it full time.

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