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You can lose it all

A large advertising agency lost a very lucrative account after 70 years of service and $70 million in annual billings.

This well-known agency had been respected for almost a century. Employees walked the halls thinking that this account was in the bag. It was a sure thing for at least another 70 years. I know most of you don’t care about advertising agencies but this message should be hitting you loud and clear.

It’s a mess out there and relationships, despite being the popular buzz-word of the new millennium, are as fragile as people’s self-esteem. I am not sure if the word “loyalty” even exists in today’s business environment. Do you?

You can’t afford to lose a good client these days. And today’s client is playing by a new set of rules. There are no guarantees. And as for that “sure-thing”… is a thing of the past.

Your future is up to you. Don’t open yourself up for any unnecessary surprises.

This week, I want you to list your top ten customers. Then, I want you to phone each of them and thank them for the business and to remind them that you are there for them. While on the phone, ask them if there is anything you can do for them at the moment. This call should take no more than 3 minutes and will help prevent what happened to the advertising agency and their “sure-thing.”

Seventy years of service. Gone in an instant. Go figure! Don’t let it be you.

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  1. Dori says:

    Right on the money Mike!

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