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Cary Travel Express — There’s something about Mexico

Why has Mexico become the target of our client’s fears once again? People are requesting the Caribbean or U.S. destinations – anything except Mexico!

Our agency in located in a Northwest suburb of Chicago. I wonder if our clients have turned on their radios or opened up their newspapers? The crime in Chicagoland is out of control. My friend has been on the Chicago Police force for 20+ years. He has been warning friends and family of the current dangers in Chicago. He said that they just can’t get it under control. Just last week there was a shooting at the Lincoln Park Zoo, on Michigan Avenue, and a throat slashing in Wrigleyville. These are all tourist areas of the city. We do not send our clients to border towns where the crime is centered in Mexico. Why are they not concerned about the crime that is taking place in their own back yards?

Recently, a tour operator and hotel representative visited our office. They informed us that U.S. sales to Mexico are very low, and they encouraged us to sell more Mexico. At first this struck me as odd since many of the stats that I’ve read indicate that Mexico sales are up. Apparently, there must be an influx of travelers from other countries making up the difference.

It occurred to me that our clients truly have been less opened minded about travel to Mexico lately. While I try to ease their fears by explaining why Mexico is a safe destination to visit, sometimes it is like talking to a wall.

One of my clients recently had me change his trip from the Riviera Maya to Punta Cana because of an article that he read on Yahoo!

This July, one of my co-workers and I will be re-visiting Puerto Vallarta. The owner of our agency recently returned from a FAM in Cancun, and the owner’s sister also spent her personal vacation in the Riviera Maya. We would not travel to Mexico if we felt that it was unsafe. We want our clients to be thrilled with the trips that we help them plan.

When I visit Puerto Vallarta, my intent is to help my clients see what they are missing. I plan on exploring the sites, the town, touring hotels, and watching the beautiful sunsets! While Puerto Vallarta is just one region of Mexico, I truly believe in the value of selling Mexico and hope that my journey inspires others.

Has anyone else experienced a slow-down in sales to Mexico? What are you doing to educate your clients?

Mary Jo Babiarz, Senior Travel Consultant with Cary Travel Express, has been in the travel business since 2005.  Her love of travel has taken her to destinations such as Hawaii, many Caribbean islands, several Mediterranean port cities, and lots of Mexican vacation destinations. She is particularly knowledgeable about the Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but has extended knowledge in the Caribbean as well.  An avid photographer, Mary Jo is known to thrill her clients with her first hand photos. You can reach Mary Jo at  Cary Travel Express or by email

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  1. Being in agent in Texas, yes, we are all too familiar with the Mexico drug violence. I use the tools provided by the Mexican Tourism as well as Funjet Vacations & Apple Vacations, who are huge Mexico wholesalers. They provide us the tools to teach the travelers (the ones who will listen) about the location of Cancun/Playa del Carmen and the distance between there and the drug crime. Most of my customers who have concerns I ask them “Are you looking at a map? Do you see the distance where the drug violence is in relation to the Yucatan Penninsula?” Then, I usually hear them say, “Oh, wow, that’s really far away. That’s really far away!.” I’m still selling Mexico to some but others not so much. I think it depends on who watches the news and who doesn’t. 🙂

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