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Hariworld Travels Profile

Since 1968 Hariworld has been providing the North American Travel Community with the most affordable fares on the broadest choice of Carriers to worldwide destinations.

Hariworld offers an unrivaled web-based booking engine that allows agents to book contracted and commissionable published air fares, choose trip itineraries, purchase tickets and add their own markups with a few clicks of the mouse.

Multiple Preferred Vendor Agreements

Hariworld partners with over 45 US and International carriers so there’s no need to surf dozens of airline sites. Instead, agents can comparison shop on their fast, efficient and accurate site. The lowest Economy, Business and First-Class international fares, at significant savings, always meet your clients’ needs. Agents can also take advantage of Hariworld’s NET Rate Hotel Program, which offers competitive pricing on over 65,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.


Hariworld always places customers first and takes pride in providing world-class products, meticulous service and unrivaled expertise. They rely on teamwork, encourage initiative and recognize performance as they engage in relentless drive toward accomplishing goals.

Customer Service and Quality Control

Reservations are housed at 3 West 35th Street, New York, NY and they are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The new Online Business Development & Customer Support Team includes Aarthi, Sam and Vijay all bring a wealth of knowledge to Hariworld with 50 years of travel industry experience.  The team is directly involved in building on existing relationships as well as growing the business with our Preferred Partners throughout the USA.  Direct all online inquiries to either Sam or Aarthi and group request to Vijay.

Sam: (t): 646.747.6265 (e): sam@hariworld.com

Aarthi: (t): 646.747.6263 (e): aarthi@hariworld.com

Vijay: (t): 646.747.6224 (e): vijay@hariworld.com

GDS or phone users can stop by the office or call 888-889-2968 and their highly qualified counselors will handle your needs.

Technology and Systems

Hariworld’s web-based booking engine is a search, book and ticket site that does not require any access to GDS systems. Their primary system is Sabre, however, they also have Apollo, Amadeus and Worldspan. Many of their top accounts have been given bridge access to fares and inventory via the use of a unique pseudo city code. This function is available to qualified accounts.

Hariworld’s incredible fares are only available to members so visit their site at http://www.hariworld.com and sign up.


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  1. sumit kher says:

    Hi, just completed my B.E. and now I am interested in going for GDS online training and that too in airlines. So, basically I am confused about certain things as which I came across that there are cetain different GDS like amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and some others. I found out that above are the one in demand and so just came across this online training http://www.wiziq.com/course/1610-amadeus-airlines-reservations-and-pnr-management-course-1 and was wondering as this online training will help me to prepare of I have to go for any other Manual training. Kindly provide some light on this too! would really be thankful for your comments.

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