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Marketing a travel agency website

A web site is a great marketing tool for your travel agency – if anyone can find it.  Today, we will discuss how to properly cross market your site with your other marketing efforts.

Firstly, let’s look at your web site’s URL – its domain name. Your domain name should echo and reinforce your brand. Without a doubt, it has become much more difficult to obtain a good URL. However, names are still available with some creative effort and consideration for avoiding some common pitfalls. There are a few common guidelines often cited. Try to obtain either a “.com” or a “.travel” address. If possible, avoid hyphens and underlines. Try to keep the name as short as possible (PS. that advice comes from the publisher of a website with 24 characters in its own URL). However, even violations of these basic rules can be overcome with a strong marketing effort.

Your clients should encounter your web address everywhere they encounter your brand. Here is a list of locations where you should ensure your URL is visible:

  • Your business cards
  • Your advertising
  • Your email signatures
  • Your itineraries and company collateral (letterhead, invoices, etc)
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Your Blog
  • Your Newsletters and email broadcasts
  • Announced at public appearances and events you sponsor

Each marketing effort you do should cross market your website address. Promoting you site reminds clients that you have a resource where they can turn any time of day for information and research.

When you bring new clients into your fold, spend time explaining your website to them. Let them know what resources are available there and how best to utilize it as a resource. Do not assume that the clients will find it on their own or that they will understand how to use it. In fact, soliciting feedback from clients is a terrific way to drive them to explore your website.

Once you have invested in building a web site, get the most from your investment by driving clients to use it.


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