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Is your agency failing?

Are you profitable? If your bottom line is below the break-even mark; contrary to conventional wisdom,  your business may not be failing–you may be failing at doing business. You may not be giving your business a chance to fail. Running a business involves many activities that need to be done on a regular basis. Are you doing them? You feed your dog, right? You change the oil in your car, right?

If you are not doing them, you can’t be failing at them. You simply are failing to do them. You are not giving your business the chance it deserves.

Here are some failures I have seen in many agencies. Are you failing at some of them? All of them? Are you failing to…

  • Clearly define your service and understand what it is you are bringing to the party.
  • Build a growing, meaningful database of qualified prospects and future clients.
  • Contact prospects on a regular basis.
  • Be creative while trying new ways to attract favorable attention.
  • “Blow your customer’s minds” with service… and then deliver some more “unexpected” service.
  • Understand and accept that a certain number of clients will drop you for no good reason whatsoever, now and then.
  • Focus your attention on finding just one more new client each and every week.
  • Look to build alliances with other smart people in your town or industry.

If you are failing in these areas, then yes, you are failing at the game of business.

But, if you are not taking these steps to build your business, you are just …. well, you are just there.

So, snap out of it. Do what needs to be done! Start to “build your business” today.

There is work to do and fun to be had. Get started. Your business is probably not failing. You may be just failing to do business.

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Wanna know more?  Send me an email …

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