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Building Your Facebook Audience Organically

As a result of our earlier articles this week, you now have a Facebook Page for your travel agency and you are laying down awesome content for your Fans. But people only show up if they know the party is happening! Let’s examine how to grow your Fan base organically, without spending any money. Tomorrow, we will look at managing paid growth and Facebook advertising.

The process of building a base of Fans is two-fold. First, you have to bring them to your Page. You can bring them to your page by organic or paid marketing. You must then induce viewers to “Like” your Page.

If you are following the content suggestions from yesterday’s article, you are already providing the key ingredient to generate Likes: strong content with which people identify. As people Like and Share your posts, their Friends may click over to your Page to see what clever soul is generating such great content. This requires some consistent posting of strong content as many people who Like and Share posts never actually visit the originating Page.

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One of the strongest tools for building your Page Fans are the friends you have on your personal Profile. If you are like most travel professionals, there is a high degree of overlap between the people you know socially and your client base. Invite your Friends to become Fans! At the top of your Page Admin Panel you will see a button “Build Audience”. There you can use Facebook tools to invite your friends from your Personal Profile to become Fans. If you permit it to do so, Facebook can also use your email contacts to invite people to become Fans. Your Friends will receive an email or message in Facebook inviting them to your Fan Page.

In addition to the tools provided by Facebook, you can simply Post an Update periodically inviting your Friends to view and Like your Page. Don’t issue such invites too frequently and keep your invitation fun rather than overtly commercial.

Make certain your Facebook Page address is on all of your marketing collateral. Your business cards, email signatures, brochures, presentations and press releases should all contain your Facebook Page address. When speaking in public, make sure to openly invite people to visit your page.

You want to generate cross-traffic between your Facebook Page and your blog or website. Place links to each on the other and be sure on your website to use the familiar Facebook logo with an invitation to “Like Us on Facebook!” Do you have a newsletter?  Be sure to invite the audience your have built for your other client communications to also become a Facebook Fan.

Be certain to keep the conversational factor high on your Page by engaging in two-way dialogue with people who comment on your Posts. Like their comments and add additional information where you can. Remember the “social” aspect of Social Media! Keep your own personality front and center, be human, be kind and avoid posts tending too heavily to political topics! Conversations on Facebook can quickly take a downward spire when politics is involved and seldom will your marketing benefit.

Tomorrow we will examine paid advertising and its role in building and then monetizing your base of Fans.

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