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Facebook – Additional Resources for your Travel Agency

We have spent the last ten days covering aspects of Facebook marketing for your travel agency and have moved from setting up your account, through appropriate content and organic and paid promotions. Before we leave off the Facebook portion of our series, however, I want to provide a few extra resources you may find helpful as you build out your social media strategy. Right now is a great time to be planning aspects of your 2013 marketing plan. Getting your strategies lined up early is no mistake!

One quick caveat: everything I’m about to write will very likely be dated a month from now. Facebook time is accelerated time, so anticipate having to make some adjustments as you go. Third party articles are out of date quicker than those maintained by Facebook.

Facebook terminology and features:

Articles on Facebook Privacy – remember this: Facebook only knows what you give it. You can set your privacy setting to safeguard information. The most important thing to do is use a password that cannot be hacked! The other settings mean nothing if you use a password that can easily be guessed.

Increasing Your Likes and Fans

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Advanced techniques and Frames

The most important advice I can leave you with is to apply what you already know about marketing to using Facebook. The same rules and ethics you use when marketing face to face will serve you well in social media. The rules you learned in kindergarden apply as well. Socialize, have fun, give assistance. Don’t be overtly commercial or political. Be nice. Think before you post.

Finally, if you have set up a page, let me know at www.facebook.com/travelresearchonline and I will be sure to “Like” you!

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