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Global Travel — The energy emerges

Our office has been buzzing this week. This is the week where we all are gearing up to go to Virtuoso Week in Las Vegas. Because of our physical location, we will be taking turns attending the event, as someone needs to be in the office to take care of our clients.

Virtuoso Week is the annual event for agencies and suppliers that are members of the Virtuoso consortium. I’ve been to travel conferences before, but as I listen to other agents who have gone to this one, I have a feeling I’ll be introduced to a whole new level of conference.

Virtuoso specializes in luxury travel and I will be meeting with representatives of some of the most beautiful and grandest hotels and resorts in the world including St. Regis, Four Seasons, Fairmont, and The Ritz-Carlton. In addition, I’ll be meeting representatives of all the luxury cruise lines. The object is to create a personal relationship with that company so I am able to book my clients with complete confidence. This is going to be very educational and fun!

Aside from the excitement surrounding Virtuoso Week, our office has seen a steady increase in bookings. This is the season for Boise State University football, and we sell packages to the away games. We have tables covered with bright orange packets waiting to be picked up for the first game in Lansing, Michigan at the end of this month. The frenzy of Bronco Nation hasn’t waned!

And, I am thrilled to say that one of my professional resolutions has already been fulfilled—booking two group cruises. I actually have three in the works! My colleague has also fulfilled one of her goals—visiting Oahu. She’s already been to Maui and Kauai a few times. She was expecting to be disappointed because Oahu is sometimes considered the least exotic of the islands, but she had an amazing time and stayed at the new Disney Aulani, Turtle Bay and the Halekulani. Of the three, she and her husband enjoyed Turtle Bay the most.

There have been a lot of excellent FAM offers this summer—have you noticed? I turned down all of them but one—Iceland. I couldn’t resist the chance to see the Northern Lights, soak in the geo thermal pools and ride the horses, which have descended from the Vikings. My FAM will be over Thanksgiving when my boys will be with their dad- what better time to leave the country? Stay tuned for a rundown of that adventure in my December entry.

At this point, all I can say is that professionally, things are looking up. Business is up. My enthusiasm is up. And the opportunities to grow are up.  How about you? Are you seeing it too?

Julie Summers is a travel adviser for Global Travel in Boise, Idaho ( She has two teen boys and a spoiled Boston Terrier. You can contact her at or on LinkedIn.

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