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Sophie Bujold: 3 steps to getting started on Pinterest

Until a few months ago, Pinterest was an invitation-based network. You could request to join or get a friend to invite you, but getting in meant that you had to wait for someone else to give you access. Not anymore.

Step 1 – Create an account

All you need to do to register on Pinterest is to visit and click on the big red button that says “Join Pinterest.”  There, you will have a few options:

  • Sign up using your Facebook login – This will connect your Pinterest account with your personal Facebook profile. You will need to allow the connection and decide if you are OK with Pinterest posting your activity to your Facebook wall.
  • Sign up using your Twitter login – This is similar to the Facebook login option. Pinterest will link itself to your Twitter account and will use that information to start your account.
  • Create a completely independent login using your email – If the thought of connecting your networks together makes you nervous, this is the option for you. Pinterest will allow you to create a login using a unique email address.  You will need to provide the site with a profile image, username email address and password for this to work.

There is no real advantage or disadvantage to using one registration method over the other, so pick whatever you are most comfortable with.

There is also no difference between a personal and business account, so do not worry about picking the “right kind” of account. You can use your business name instead of the first and last name information your profile will require.

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Step 2 – Tell Pinterest what interests you

Once your account has been created, Pinterest wants to get a feel for the things you like to view. It will display a collection of images and ask you to select five that interest you. Pick things you like, but don’t spend too much time contemplating your choice. You can always adjust later.

Click “continue” once you are done. This will take you to your Pinterest home page.  There, you will see that the site has pulled some images it thinks might interest you based on your 5-photo selection.

Step 3 – Start customizing your profile

 Your profile can be accessed via the top-right corner of the page. Click on it to see what your profile looks like to date – it’s most likely a bit bare. To customize your information, click on the arrow next to your profile name and select “settings.” This is where you can really start making your profile your own.

Read through the options and fill out what makes sense. Pay particular attention to your “about” information. Like all other social networks, this is the spot where you get to insert key words that describe you or your services and that search engines latch onto when they index your profile.  Crafting it with care will pay off.

You also want to make sure to include a website address before you “save profile.” If you want your Facebook (personal profile only) or Twitter accounts to appear as links too, you’ll also need to activate the respective “login with…” options for each one.

These 3 steps will get you on your way with your new account. Next, we’ll talk more about the basics of pinning and creating boards.

Sophie Bujold is a social media strategist who specializes in helping travel professionals achieve online success. She is the creator of Take Flight with Facebook, a social media FAM trip program designed to help travel professionals of all kinds build a winning Facebook marketing strategy. Sophie also speaks at industry events and works individually with travel agencies across North America. For more insights from Sophie, visit her website and sign up for her weekly email tips (it’s FREE.)

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks Sophie,
    Helpful information and easy to follow. Finally got my home page set up.

  2. You’re welcome Laura! I hope you enjoy pinning. It can be lots of fun 🙂

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