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Sophie Bujold: Top Tips for Building your Pinterest Community

Now that you’re going pro on your Pinterest account, you also need to know how you can interact with other people on the site – it’s a social network after all.

If you really want to capitalize on the power of Pinterest, you’ll want to make sure you pin things regularly (this is how your brand starts appearing in front of people) and start connecting with potential customers. Beyond searching for and following boards that interest you, here are a few more tactics that will help you do that.

Liking, Commenting and Repinning

If you’re comfortable with liking, commenting and sharing on Facebook posts, you’re one step ahead on Pinterest.

Although the site uses slightly different terminology – liking and commenting are still there, but instead of sharing, you repin – these are the key interaction features offered for each pin.And just like on Facebook, your name and a link to your profile is included every time you use one of them. So, use them often and use them well to promote your brand if you want to reach out to new prospects.

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Tagging is another feature borrowed from Facebook that can be used when you want to bring someone into a conversation. If you want to draw someone’s attention to a comment or a reply you are making on Pinterest. You can “tag” them in your post by typing the @ symbol followed by their name. This will alert them that they have been mentioned and provide a direct link back to your comment.

In order for this to work however, you need to already be following the person’s boards. If there is no personal connection between you and the person, Pinterest will not let you create the link.

Website buttons

Like most other social networks out there, Pinterest makes it easy for you to capitalize on the traffic you are getting to your website to drive your Pinterest presence forward.  From the same goodies page that offers the “Pin it” button for your web browser, you can also find tools for your website.

If you have share-worthy content on your website or blog, you can supercharge your pin presence by offering a “Pin it” button directly on your site. This significantly increases the likelihood of your content showing up around Pinterest without the need for you to do all the work.

If you would prefer driving your website visitors directly to your Pinterest profile instead, the “Follow button” for websites will help you do that.

Both of these options are very easy to install on your website and can help you get more visibility than if you were simply posting to your Pinterest boards.

Time to get to work!

If you’re hoping to use Pinterest as a business tool, it’s now time to get to work. Use your imagination to build fun and engaging boards that represent your brand well then work consistently at building a presence and sense of community for the best results.

One last word of caution: Pinterest can get highly addictive once you start having fun on it. So, always keep the time you spend on it in check and focus on efficiency if you want to avoid spending your day pinning things.

Sophie Bujold is a social media strategist who specializes in helping travel professionals achieve online success. She is the creator of Take Flight with Facebook, a social media FAM trip program designed to help travel professionals of all kinds build a winning Facebook marketing strategy. Sophie also speaks at industry events and works individually with travel agencies across North America. For more insights from Sophie, visit her website and sign up for her weekly email tips (it’s FREE.)

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